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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Tian Yuan Dessert Hut 甜元

We were looking for a dessert place before heading back to Singapore and found Tian Yuan Dessert Hut within the vicinity. While the weather is so hot, we were looking for an airconditioned seating despite that they do have an outdoor table.

Tian Yuan Dessert

Tian Yuan Dessert Hut was packed and after waiting for some time, we finally got ourselves a seat. Beating the heat, some of us ordered coolers.

Sour Sop 红毛榴莲 & Cool Juice 清凉爽 - RM 8.80 & 5.40

They have a good series of hot desserts on the menu too. One of us enjoyed her Almond with Black Glutinous Rice, the white and the brown portion was very distinguished. It was smooth and not too sweet.

Almond with Black Glutinous Rice 黑糯米杏仁糊 - RM 7.80

The snow jelly & snow fungus was soothing to the throat but not enough to beat the hot weather as the portion was small. Nonetheless, it was a good dessert without being too sweet.

Snow Jelly & Snow Fungus 雪蛤炖雪耳 - RM 20.90

Perhaps the Ice Kacang Red Bean was the perfect choice of all. Unlike the usual ingredients we had, this was topped with peanuts, corn, jelly and red beans. 

Ice Kacang Red Bean 红豆冰 - RM 7.90

Besides serving dessert, they are also selling other food. If we did not have our lunch earlier, we might have eaten here too.

Tian Yuan Dessert Hut 甜元 
66, Jalan Uda Utama 4/1, Bandar Uda Utama, 81200 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

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