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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Hazlin Lemang Gelang Patah

Upon passing by a tentage by the roadside on our way to Pekan Nanas and noticing the display of bamboo, we quickly hurried and turned into the tent. I was elated, thinking that I had finally spotted this Traditional Food that we had been discussing. 

Better known as Lemang or Rice Bamboo, it's made from glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt. They are cooked in hollowed bamboo tubes coated with banana leaves and cooked by the fire.

As I walked closer, there was a lot of smoke and I saw that the fire was fueled by the burning of coconut husks. 


The friendly guy gave us a series of numbers conversed in Melayu, 12, 15, 18 and 20, asking which portion we would like to buy. We chose the biggest portion that cost RM 20.

Opening up the Bamboo

The guy had picked a few bamboos before this, ensuring that the glutinous rice was cooked before he cuts the rice into equal portions.

Cutting Up The Lemang

They also sell Rendang to pair along with Lemang but we chose to enjoy it in its original taste. 

Fragrance Glutinous Rice

It was my first time appreciating Lemang. It tasted like one of the Nyonya kueh packed with the natural pandan fragrant. While glutinous rice is stomach-filling, we managed to share this traditional food among ourselves during lunchtime.

Let's have Lemang

Its an eye-opener to see how Lemang was cooked from a road side stall.

PS: As it was a roadside stall, I do not have its exact address but only its GPS Coordinates. Nonetheless, its located in Pekan Nanas.

GPS Coordinates:1.499, 103.518

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