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Wednesday, May 31, 2023


While the last visit to Flagwhite in 2022, we had finger food and drinks. This time I have decided to go grab breakfast with a croissant. Never did I know that this cafe is so prevalent in the vicinity for there was already a long queue line up even before Flagwhite is opened for the day.

We had the White Coffee and Avocado Banana Smoothie while waiting for our brunch to be served. 

White Coffee & Avocado Banana Smoothie - $6 &  $9

We had the Flag Your Brunch Meal whereby we could customise our Brunch. 
My Brunch on a plate comprised of 2 slices of Roast Pumpkin ($4), Scrambled Egg ($4), Grilled Tomato ($1), Breakfast Sausage ($5), Sauteed Mushrooms ($4) and Croissant ($4). The combination of items were perfect for me. All were good except the sausage for the meat was too minced and do not have a biting texture.

Flag Your Brunch - $22

While the Dining Partner had brunch with scrambled Egg ($4), Streaky Bacon ($4), Breakfast Sausage ($5), BBQ Baked Beans ($3), Avocado Diced ($4) and Sourdough ($4). The Avocado Diced was a good pairing with the sourdough. Besides the Sausage that was the disappointment, they could have also served their bacon in the non-crisp form.

Flag Your Brunch - $24

For those who are having breakfast in Flagwhite, it will be best to be there early for the seats are rather limited there. Its also good that besides the fixed items on the menu, they do like patrons mix and match their Brunch items on plate. I thought this is a very good idea!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: 106 Jln Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598604

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