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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Chin Lee Restaurant

Through word of mouth, Chin Lee Restaurant is reputable for its authentic Teochew Cuisine and has been well-liked by the elders. A modern-looking Facade but gives a good touch of old-school charm with its Chinese wording signboard and round table with elegant table covers remind me back into those days when Wedding dinners held in such restaurant is very common.

Chin Lee Restaurant
Chin Lee Restaurant

The age group of their customers are rather obvious and often in groups with the elderly. As it was a weekend, the tables were mostly occupied by families with grandparents.

Chin Lee Restaurant
Chin Lee Restaurant

The patrons seems very well versed with their menu and most of them knew the dishes to ordered off hand without even looking into the menu book.

Your Book to Tasty Teochew Dishes
Your Book to Tasty Teochew Dishes

If you are a follower of Teochew Pig Trotter Jelly, I'm sure that you are aware that not many places in Singapore offer this dish. The dish was chilled and paired with pickles as well as chilli.

Chilled Teochew Pig Trotter Jelly  猪脚冻
Chilled Teochew Pig Trotter Jelly  猪脚冻 - $6

The coffee Pork Ribs dish is also one of the chef's recommendations. Uniquely wrapped in foiled and topped with almond flakes. The Coffee taste was pleasant and not overpowering. In fact, having these ribs was quite addictive. 

Coffee Pork Ribs 咖啡排骨
Coffee Pork Ribs 咖啡排骨 - $24

These Homemade Teochew Prawn Balls are also one of the all-time favourites on the menu. The deep-fried prawn balls are filled with prawn paste and minced meat, then wrapped together in beancurd skin. Pairing these deep-fried balls with the sweet dipping sauce enhanced the flavours.

Homemade Teochew Prawn Balls 招牌潮州虾枣
Homemade Teochew Prawn Balls 招牌潮州虾枣 - $15 (Medium)

Minced Meat & Prawn Paste
Minced Meat & Prawn Paste

Thin slices of tender braised duck paired with Tau Gua and soaked in the generous amount of savoury sweet gravy made the Braised Duck dish irresistible especially when the gravy was not salty and goes well with our bowls of rice.

Braised Duck 卤鸭
Braised Duck 卤鸭 - $15

The Asparagus was cut into smaller pieces and stir-fried together with braised mushrooms. The sauce was delicious and Asapargus was crunchy.

Stir-Fried Asparagus 冬菇炒菜 (芦笋)
Stir-Fried Asparagus 冬菇炒菜 (芦笋)- $20

The Chai Poh Kway Teow is a classic dish to order when you are at Chin Lee. It was stirred-fried with garlic, Chai Poh as well as kailan. The "Wok Hei" on the flat noodles with the sweet and salty Chai Poh adds additional crunch. The dish is served like a pancake which I thought is rather unique.

Teochew Kway Teow  招牌潮州粿条
Teochew Kway Teow  招牌潮州粿条 - $18 (Medium)

Here's another dish under their Chef Gourmet Recommendation. The Teochew Crispy Pig Trotter undergoes braised before being deep fried. The skin was crackling crispy while the meat and fats had well-maintained moisture. The meat was juicy and tasted great.

Teochew Crispy Pig Trotter 潮州炸猪脚
Teochew Crispy Pig Trotter 潮州炸猪脚 - $20 (Medium)

The Teochew Cuisine is only completed with this traditional Teochew Dessert. The yam paste has a luscious texture and is topped with pumpkin and ginkgo nuts with a layer of water chestnut starch. The taste was not sweet and thus popular from young to old.

Teochew Yam Paste & Pumpkin served with Gingko Nuts 金瓜白果芋泥
Teochew Yam Paste & Pumpkin served with Gingko Nuts 金瓜白果芋泥 - $5.50

Despite its location under a HDB block, Chin Lee Restaurant is always bustling with people. The authenticity of traditional Teochew Cuisine in the heartlands is something I'm looking forward to. There are still quite a number of dishes that I would like to try like their Oysters Omelette as well as their Steamed Pomfret. To be honest, I will like to be back there again soon.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Chin Lee Restaurant
115 Bedok North Rd, #01-285, Singapore 460115

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