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Friday, December 30, 2022

Yong Yong Dessert

Yong Yong Dessert is no stranger to anyone in Johor. They are popular among the locals and is known for their Dessert as well as serving cooked food. 

Facade of Yong Yong Dessert

The place only allowed customers that are vaccinated. Considering a weekend morning, the place was pretty quiet. Nonetheless, the place was cozy and spacious, an ideal environment to rest and enjoy bowls of dessert to beat the scotching sun.

Environment of Yong Yong

The striking green rice flour jelly as well as homemade red beans topping up the bowl of plain shaved ice. The beans were cooked for hours till perfection and the dessert was drenched with coconut sweet soup and palm sugar syrup aka gula Melaka. 

Cendol with Durian 榴莲煎露 - RM 9.50

While the usual Cendol costs RM 6.50, we ordered the version that comes with a small scoop of durian at RM 9.50. 

Sweet Corn

Ice Jelly was homemade, decked up by a heap of finely shaved ice. Other ingredients include fresh soursop, sea coconut and canned fruit cocktail and syrup. This dessert is best enjoyed with lime juice over it.

Ice Jelly 文头雪 - RM 8

How about having Ice Kacang without any ingredients? They have Ice Kacang Kosong here that comes with chocolate dressing.

Ice Kacang Kosong 红豆冰 - RM 4.50

While we call this Cheng Tng 清汤 in Singapore, they called it as 六味汤. The dessert has similar execution back home in our island with ingredients such as, red dates, white fungus, barley pearls, longan, mung beans and sago. It was not too sweet and refreshing to beat the heat on a hot day like this.

Cikong 六味汤 - RM 7

With so many up trends cafe and dessert places in Johor Bahru, this is one of the few places that I had come across serving traditional hot and cold desserts like this. Desserts are decent, however, the service will make me have a second thought before revisiting the place. 

Yong Yong Dessert
46, Jalan Layang 16, Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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