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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Hakata Ikkousha

With the cravings of Japanese Ramen this week, we visited Hakata Ikkousha, one of the reputable ramen places in town located in CHJMES.

Hakata Ikkousha

At a glance through the kitchen opening, we observed that the chef is working non-stop to ensure bowls of delicious and quality ramen are being served.

Stiring the Broth

Interior is compact with limited seating and we were lucky to arrive early before getting caught in the long queue.

Here's the Hakata Specialty Hotokuchi Gyoza, Ikkousha style, pan-fried dumplings. The taste was decent with hints of minced ginger and the skin of Gyoza was thin. What's more, these dumplings were bite-size.

Hakata Gyoza (5 pcs) - $6.50

If you would like something spicy, their God Fire Ramen offers a spicy level of 1 to 4. It is Ikkousha original tonkotsu broth with the Ikkousha's secret brand of "Spicy Fire" thin noodles with fungus, spring onions, seaweed as well as the tender slices of pork Chashu.

God Fire + Special Topping  - $15.50 + $4.50

Hailing from Hakata in Southern Japan, Ikkousha original pork broth which is perfect vessels for the full-bodied and collagen-rich pork bone soup served with thin noodles, tender pork chashu (4 pieces), soft flavoured egg, fungus and spring onions. For a bigger appetite, we asked for additional Chashu and noodles. These additional items were served separately,.

Special Tonkotsu with additional Chashu and Kaedama - $18.50 + 4+ 2

Here's the Power of Garlic, Ikkousha original Tonkotsu broth with their special fried garlic paste topped with thin noodles, tender pieces of pork chashu, fungus and spring onions.

Tonkotsu Black Special - $20

The taste is certainly delicious and holds up to a great standard with the smooth texture of the noodles. They used to have free flow of egg which was known to be their selling point, unfortunately, such offer had ceased. 

Tonkotsu Black Special - $20

In fact, if you like to enjoy the flavoured egg, you will have to top it up.

Here's the Egg

A runny egg yolk from their flavoured egg.

Egg Yolk

For every bowl of ramen, patrons can indicate the noodle texture (soft, normal, hard, very hard), saltiness level (light, normal) and if special toppings/toppings are required. For this instance, special toppings include 3 additional slices of Chashu and a flavoured egg and bamboo shoots were topped up in this bowl of Black Tonkotsu

Black Tonkotsu with Additional Bamboo Shoots - $15 + $4.50 + $2

With such quality of Ramen, it gives us every reason to be back again for more.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hakata Ikkousha
Chijmes, 30 Victoria St, #F1-07, Singapore 187996

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