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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Pisang Goreng Rangup Rengit

Pisang Goreng Rangup is one of our stop pits to load ourselves with energy while enjoying the freshly fried pipping hot Goreng Pisang from their cooking wok.

Pisang Goreng Rangup Rengit

Goreng Pisang business was undoubtedly good with the constant flow of customers in the queue. To make it more exaggerated, the customers took away their Goreng Pisang in full big bags instead of small bags.

Goreng Pisang 

Patrons will patiently wait in the queue for the batches of bananas to be fried.  Having said that, the process flow from cutting the bananas, dipping them into the batter and frying them up was systematically done by the team efficiently. This allows patrons to get these delicious fried banana fritters without much delay.

Frying the Banana Fritters

A moment to capture while the place was bustling with people, this pretty little boy left his dining table from his family and decided to squat down in front of the pole.


A simple dish that I'm craving for! Tauhu, potatoes, egg, shredded cucumbers and beansprouts drenched generously with the sweet savoury peanut sauce were to die for.

Rojak Tauhu

This is one of the best Goreng Pisang that I have ever tried in Johor. The thin layer of batter was so crispy like tempura and the banana tasted so good.

Goreng Pisang - 5 Pcs for RM 2

While some bites of it gave us the creamy texture of the banana. The combination of creamy and crispiness was simply the best.


I guess it will be quite tough for me to visit this place again for we do not usually travel there. Nonetheless, I will still recommend anyone to try their food and Goreng Pisang if you are in that area.

Pisang Goreng Rangup Rengit
 Kampung Sungai Kluang, 83100 Rengit, Johor, Malaysia

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