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Monday, February 27, 2023

Spice Grill

While searching around for dinner, we decided to have some Indian food for the night. Spice Grill is a fine dining restaurant that serves fusion and authentic Indian Cuisine.

Spice Grill

The internal furnishings and decorations were pretty with lightings and serve as some Instagram-worthy corners. 

Dining Environment

For the outdoor seating where drinks were prepared at this bar counter island.


There was no reservations made in advance and thus we were ushered to a high table corner at the non airconditioned seating.

Non Airconditioned Area

Here's my favorite choice of beverage, Lassi, while waiting for the food to be served.

Mango Lassi

The platter makes up of New Zealand Lamb Rack Tandoor, Tandoori Fish, Murgh Sahajani Reehmi Kebab and Ajwani Prawn Tikka.

NZ Lamb Rack Tandoor - RM 160
The Frenched cut lamb rack was marinated with Indian spices and cooked to perfection in Tandoor

Tandoori Fish - RM 33
The Tandoori Fish is marinated with a special yoghurt  and cooked over tandoor.

Murgh Sahajani Reehmi Kebab - RM 30
Morsels of Chicken were marinated with yoghurt, cashew nut paste and cheese. These chicken were cooked to perfection in the Tandoor.

Ajwani Prawn Tikka - RM45
Spicy fusion of fish with kashmiri chilli and whole carom seeds. It is also cooked in Tandoor and great as an appetizer.

There were mint sauce for the lamb, lime and a mixture of onions and salad. There was also some potato balls as appetizer on the platter. As an overall, we find that the marinate on the meat was on a saltier side.

Indian Platter

We ordered the Western Platter and had the following:

Wagyu Rib Eye RM 445.50
That was the best meat on the platter despite that the doneness didn't match my expectation. Pairing it with the brown sauce that was used on the mashed potato makes it taste better. Or if you want to bring out more of its natural taste, a dab on the salt by the side will be good enough.

Prawn - RM 337.50
The 3 prawns were huge and occupied more than a quarter space on the serving board. They were grilled and topped with some spice and seasonings. Meat was plump and juicy. However, they were not entirely cooked and some parts were still quite raw.

Oh my Cod - RM 140
Cod was soft and fried to golden in its lightly battered skin. It was soft and disintegrate easily,

Baked Chicken Breast - RM 45
Soft and tender breast meat with sweet marinates. 

French Lamb of Rack - RM 160
These French cut Lamb was similar to what we had on from the tandoor platter with a different seasonings. It was sweetened by its marinate. 

Beside the mashed potato, there were some mixed vegetables as, grilled lemon and garlic on the platter.

Western Platter

While I thought this resembles our Chinese Xiao Long Pau, I took a closer look and have a taste. Its a dollop of mashed potato. 

Mashed Potato

Boneless pieces of Tandoori chicken in Butter and Tomato Sauce. It tasted too sweet and cloying with thick cream. Nonetheless, pairing the butter chicken masala with the Naan kind of balance out.

Butter Chicken Masala - RM 28

The Garlic Naan had a stronger flavor as compared to Cheese. It was garlicky while the Cheese Naan tasted as though its plain.

Garlic & Cheese Naan - RM 7, 9

The total bill shocked us to about RM1800 for 4 pax. Nonetheless, it was a good evening relaxing and chatting over some fine dining Indian Food.

Spice Grill
Little Red Cube, Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour, 81300 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia

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