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Friday, February 24, 2023

Butterworthboy Prawn Noodles 北海仔虾面

While we were driven away by so many good food and café in Johor Bahru for breakfast, we have left this place out most of the time. With its reputable ratings in social media and good comments, there is no reason why we should leave Buttterworthboy Prawn Noodles Restoran out.

Butterworthboy Prawn Noodles 北海仔虾面

While we were here for prawn noodles, they are also offering prawn noodles mixed with braised sauce as well as braised noodles.


Their 3-in-1 Ice coffee tasted good so as the Homemade soya milk as there were traces of fragrant Gula Melaka within. 

3 in 1 Coffee and Soya Milk - RM 2.30 , 3.90 each

Breakfast time! Most of us ordered the braised sauce with prawn soup as this combination is quite unique to us, Singaporeans. For prawns noodles, there are two options, dry or soup. For the bowls of noodles, patrons can choose the type of noodles like Yellow Noodle, Bee Hoon, Kway Teow or combination of 2 noodles among the three. They are also offering Cintan Noodle if you prefer.

Breakfast Time

We were offered chili for our bowl of noodle but we opted to have them separated from the main bowl. Luckily we did not place additional chili in the bowl as the prawn broth itself was already spicy. The bowl was topped with fried shallots and ingredients like pork, fishcake and half a hard boiled egg and prawns were included.

Prawn Noodle Soup with Cintan Noodle - RM 9 (Small)

The mixture of both braised sauce and Soup feels like an option of having best of both worlds. The sweet prawn broth with savoury braised sauce was good.

Prawn & Braised Soup with Yellow Noodle Kway Teow - RM 9 (Small)

While we were so pampered back home that prawns were mostly served in peeled or half peeled form, over here, they served the prawns without de-shelling.

Prawn & Braised Soup with Yellow Noodle Bee Hoon - $9 (Small)

Prawn & Braised Soup with Kway Teow - $9 (Small)

Of all the Prawn Noodle standards in JB that we had eaten so far, Butterworthboy Prawn Noodles is considered one of the better ones.

Butterworthboy Prawn Noodles 北海仔虾面
189, Jalan Rawa, Taman Amira, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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