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Monday, January 30, 2023

Skudai Duck Mee

Upon reaching the vicinity, we were confused for Skudai Duck Mee and the opposite Restoran are both selling the same thing. We sticked back to our original plan although the crowd here was not convincing. 

Skudai Duck Mee

This place was recommended by one of the pals for their tasty and nostalgic braised duck.


Comparing with their competitor next door, these iron grilles and the nostalic environment with well used chairs kept everything quite down to earth.  


The menu was quite straight forward with one page of food, braised ducks, innards and sides. 


While the other page featuring drinks.


While waiting for our food, the Otah peddler asked if we would like to order some from them.

Where we get our Otah from

If you are going for fish Otah, they have mild and medium spiciness to choose from. However if you are keen on their prawn otah, they only have medium spiciness.

Muar Otak Otak

We ordered and these Otah was Barbecue on the spot then served to us in the red basket.

Otah in Basket.

The Otah was lacking of flavours and was spicy.

Mild Spicy Fish - RM 1.20 

If you are not going for rice options, they have Kway Teow or Yellow Noodles for selection too. Not only that, it can be ordered with soup or without.

Noodles  - RM 2 / bowl 

Here's our complete order with the mains and sides. Let's dig in!

Our Lunch Begins

The generous amount of meat to be shared among ourselves. The braised duck was thinly sliced and decked up by a bed of sliced cucumbers. Braised sauce was light and easy, not salty while the duck meat was decent.

Braised Duck - RM 42

Braised innards were well clean and was chewy. The braised taste was just nice without overpowering. Egs on the other hand is decent.

Braised Pig Intestine & Eggs - RM 3.50 + RM 2.50

Having tried Skudai Duck Mee, I find that the taste was clean and decent. Although their competitor looks more commercialised and furnished, I'm still having the thought of going there for a try so that I can do a comparison.

Skudai Duck Mee
29, Jalan Emas Putih 2, Taman Sri Skudai, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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