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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Re Patisserie

Many will have miss Re Patisserie while passing by its doorsteps as the facade of the shopfront look obscure and nothing like a eatery. Re Pattisserie is a Korean inspired Cafe in Johor Bahru that serves French pastries. 

Shopfront of Re Patisserie

They are situated nearby KSL City Mall as well as Holiday Plaza. The menu was simple with a series of beverages only. As for tarts and pastries, the prices are indicated at the display shelves.

Beverages Pricing

As I swang open the glass door, I was impressed by the unique layout of the place. It looked as if walking into a modern cave with a path leading nowhere.


As you walk into the place, you will realise that there is an upper deck. We walked up the spiral stairs and took a look down into the beverages preparation area. 

View from Upper Deck

The center portion of the upper deck looks good and the entire space look as neat and clean. Just too bad that this area opened up to us at our time of visit.

Upper Deck

While by the side of the windows, one can rest and relax enjoy their desserts and beverages.

Relaxing Corner

Reverse Lemon is made up of Lemon, Olive and Magdasecar Vanilla. The combination of taste is perfect. The tart was tantalising and refreshing with the taste of lemon jus as well as the natural fragrance of vanilla.

Reverse Lemon - RM 19

The riots of texture from the Mille Tart was something that draws me to this. The soft cream cheese topped with wild strawberries confit were awesome while the flaky Mille Crusts gave an another level of texture to it. It was not cloying and not greasy.

Mille Tart - Burnt Cheese Strawberry - RM 19

A great combination of Fu Ding White Tea and Shine Muscat Grape. The grapes were sliced and stacked up on top of the tart. Though I'm not a grape lover, this pastry tasted great to me.

White - RM 21

The Brioche is a classic pastry. Its crusty with sugar on the top and cream sandwiched in between.

Brioche - RM 8

While we have our Tea Time enjoying tarts and pastries pairing with a hot cup of White Coffee, Ice Matcha and Iced Chocolate.

White Coffee - RM 12
Iced Matcha & Chocolate - RM 16 Each

We felt the efforts and time put in for every of Re Patisserie's creation. The creator is indeed passionate about their profession and their attitude towards implementing the tarts/pastries were laudable. I also felt that the money spent on the pastries were well worth. I do not mine revisiting the place again when I get the chance. For those who enjoy tarts and pastries, do give them a try.

Re Patisserie
No 77 Jalan Beringin, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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