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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Restoran Chin Chin

The pals decided to head into Johor Bahru for some popular Wanton Mee and upon reaching the place, I thought that the place looked quite familiar to me. After browsing through my records, I realised that I had patronized the exact same place about 5 years ago before Covid.

Restoran Chin Chin

The humble shop space has not much drastic changes with the Wanton Mee Stall still situated in the entrance.

Wanton Mee Stall

Nothing changes as they are still selling Wanton Mee and Chicken Feet Noodles.

Preparing the Noodles

We had the smallest portion for we were afraid to have a heavy meal. In fact, I ordered the portion with lesser spice. 

Wanton Mee Small

Standard remains good with Al-Dente Egg Noodle tossed in their sauce and topped with lean slices of Char Siew Meat, sweet and non greasy style. 

Bowls of Wanton Mee

This old school style of Wanton Mee was indeed nostaglic and if you are those who prefer the non-grilled Char Siew meat, Restoran Chin Chin's is good to go.

Posted 19th September 2018

Restoran Chin Chin is raved selling one of the best Wanton Mee in Johor. From the outlook of the Restoran, it looked nothing significant that they are selling Wanton Mee as there are no signboard hanging in the old school place.

Restoran Chin Chin
It was my second time visiting their place and coincidentally, both were during a wet weather and we saw them pouring hot water into the drain beside the eating place with steam evaporating. If you notice, you will get to see noodles in the open drains.

Chrysanthemum Tea
There are only 2 dishes from the Restoran and they are Roasted Pork Wanton Mee and Chicken Feet Wanton Mee.

The Char Siew over here was simple and tender. We did not expect the kind of sweet savoury roasted taste. However it is quite tender and old school to mix in black sauce with onions and oil. The outstanding part of their dishes could be their noodles which were made of egg. The texture was abit rough but springy, lending a nostalgic feel.

Roasted Pork Wanton Mee 叉烧云吞面 - RM 5.00 (Small)

Even the chicken feet noodles, it was simple and down to earth dish. Braised chicken feet coupled with few thick slices of mushroom and I like the part that the braised sauce was not too salty and strike a good balance with black soy sauce. With the braised sauce pairing up with the noodles, it was pretty well executed.

Chicken Feet Wanton Meet  鸡脚云吞面 - RM 5.50 (Small)

Braised Mushroom with chicken Feet
Wantons were served in a bowl of soup. These bite size Wantons are smooth and goes well with plain soup and vegetables.

Why are they rated as one of the best in Johor? The egg noodle scores over here and only if you don't mind the simplicity and plainness of basic Wanton Noodles.

Restoran Chin Chin 
Location: 273, Jalan Kaloi, Batu 10, 81300, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
Operations Hours: 7.30 am - 4pm  Closed On Every Thursday

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