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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Mama Diam

The name "Mama Diam" sounds close to any one of us that had been through that era around 1980s to 2000s whereby these small, family-run provision shops are often found under the blocks.

In this case, Mama Diam is speakeasy bar that sells local favourites with a modern twist. 

Mama Diam

The facade and the outdoor surroundings dug up my memories of the days that we went around the neighbourhood exploring these convenience stalls under the HDB blocks. It is not easy that come to such shop locally nowadays and Mama Diam has nailed it. The decor was attention to detail and this is definitely worth a visit.

Outdoor Seating

While this culture seems to be dying off, we seldom get to see the kind of old-school HDB stools, vintage knick-knacks and traditional snacks nowadays. Mama Diam featured all these rustic charms that bring me back to the past.

Did the mural jog your memory too?

What happens behind the sliding door of Mama Diam was indeed another world. Who will imagine that a vintage and nostalgic facade will bring you into a totally different environment? 

Bar Interior

Those who are here for a chill will be very much happy to have seen the bottles on the shelf.

Bar Counter

Even over at the bar counter, some of the things look familiar and nostalgic.

Bar Counter

I could not take my eyes away from this Condensed milk tin as it had so many memories. I ordered the Chai Tarik Brew that is served in that nostalgic Milk Tin Can and a piece of Biscoff. The drink is a mixture of naked malt whisky, butterscotch and pulled milk tea.

While in the background, we had the Sng Muay Fizz, a uniquely Singaporean favourite with a modern twist. It has fizzy, zesty and slightly salty. The drink is made up of Belvedere vodka, Aperol, Local plums, Orange Cordial and soda.

Chai Tarik Brew & Sng Muay Fizz - $18 each

It's one of the Chef Recommendations featuring their Emperor Herbal Chicken Poached Rice. The dish comes with glistering pan-seared chicken thigh, puffed wild rice, seasoned rice and fried egg floss topped off with fragrant herbal chicken broth.

Emperor Herbal Chicken Poached Rice - $18

Another noteworthy item from their menu features Claypot Asian Braised Beef Cheeks. The beef cheeks were fork tender, decked up by a bed of mashed potato, accompanied by carrots, broccoli, shimeji, mushroom, hoisin & five spice sauce. 

Claypot Asian Braised Beef Cheeks - $25

For the small plates, we go for their Stuffed Seafood Lychee which is also the Chef's Recommendation. The portion is good for sharing and served individually in spoons. 

Stuffed Seafood Lychee - $15

Lychee stuffed with finely chopped prawns was encased by a charcoal batter and topped off with citrus mayo and tobiko. Nice!

Lychee Inside

A very local way of executing this dish is with satay sauce, crushed peanuts, cucumber swirls and apple slices with Tofu puff stuffed with minced Iberico pork.

Stuffed Iberico Pork Tau Pork - $13

The name "Tak Kiu" sounds so familiar from a heartland coffee shop. We have the dessert made up of cheese cream, milo, condensed milk and chocolate wafer. Oreo bits, strawberries and blueberries were part of the plate.

Tak Kiu - $15

Sng Baos aka Ice Popsicles is something that cannot be missed out from my childhood fond memories. Priced at $0.10 during then, this is the many reasons why I will appear at the Mama Diam after playing around in the neighbourhood. These "Sng Baos" are complementary. 

Sng Baos aka Ice Popsicles

What's your favourite "Sng Bao" color?

Overall, I find that dishes on their menu are not the mainstream dishes we get out of most eateries. I believe that their menu will change from time to time and I hope to be back again for other surprises. Do remember to make reservations

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Mama Diam
38 Prinsep St, Singapore 188665
Nearest Station: Dhoby Gaut 

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