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Monday, December 5, 2022

Restoran Yit Foh

I had the slightest memory of visiting Restoran Yit Foh until my friend recommended his favourite Wanton Mee in JB this year which made me browse back to my Wanton Mee posts in JB.

Menu of Restoran Yit Foh
Menu of Restoran Yit Foh

The menu was rather clear and well-illustrated in which we took our orders in no time.

Menu of Restoran Yit Foh
Menu of Restoran Yit Foh

Restaurant Yit Foh was furnished with simple chairs and tables just like a typical Chinese run coffeeshop.

Restoran Yit Foh

Interior of Yit Foh

With the unsparing heat from the weather, the Ice Jelly Lime Honey as well as the ice cool 100 plus aids in quenching my thirst.

Jolly QQ Bee

Here's our order for the day! The plate of noodles in the orange plate is actually less spicy. Nonetheless, I find that in JB, even though we order a less spicy version, the dish is still spicy. 

Our Orders

We ordered a small plate of Dry Wanton that contains 10 pieces and share it among ourselves. These Wantons were loaded in dark sauce, fragrant oil, spring onions and chilli.

Wanton (Dry) 干捞云吞 - 10 Pcs - RM 4

While the prominent items on the plate looked pale and unappetizing, I was thinking what could be the reason that they are drawing people's recommendations.  Thinly sliced Char Siew was lacklustre with egg noodles and a few stocks of vegetables. We were given 4 Wantons in a small bowl of soups and they tasted decent. My peers share the same sentiments too. 

Wanton Noodles (Dry) - RM 7

Why was it rated good in the media after so many years still? Beats me, perhaps their style of WTM is not to my liking.

Last posted 03 December 2013

Yi He Wanton Noodles 益和云吞面 (Restoran Yit Foh) is just a stone throw away from the popular mall KSL City and known for  its well established brand name. Located in the streets where alot of eateries are situated, Yit Foh stands up uniquely on its on compared to its competitors like Pontian Wanton Noodles. 

Restoran Yit Foh
They have classified as one of the local's favourite Wanton mee in the JB vicinity.

Stall Front
 Have some starters while waiting for the noodles to be served. This fried Tau Ki were hot from the oil pot and was indeed very crunchy, not that oily as i had expected. They are best served with some chilli sauce.

Fried Tau Ki - RM 1.50
 Feel the difference in the wanton mee with the whole egg noodle made from their own factory using their traditional recipe. These noodles were a vast difference from the noodle "Mee Kia" we had in SG. They were firmed yet springy with generous amount of sauce accompanied which make them smooth and irresistible.

The only let down I found was its Char Siew - they were like paper thin and probably, if they were thicker in size would have given a better impact from the bites.

Small Wanton Mee - RM 4.50

Dont forget the wantons! Order them separately if you find that what comes in your meal were just too less. These little wantons were the smoothest I had eaten so far these years. Although it was small with little fillings, they have a different texture as compared to the normal ball of minced meat we had in most wantons but theirs was like effortless in biting and slides down the throat easily.

We had ordered the big portion of the wanton mee. Ingredients as well as the noodles were all "upsized"!

Wanton Mee (Big) - RM 5.5

Can you spot the difference? Which is the Big and which is the small portion?

For Singaporeans who get tired of the mall's food in KSL Shopping mall, try walking along the food streets nearby. This is definitely a good try and pocket-saving.

Rating: 3 / 5

Restoran Yit Foh
Location: 153, Jalan Harimau, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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