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Monday, December 26, 2022

% Arabica Singapore Arab Street

Everytime as I pass through this corner of Arab Street, the place never fail to keep my eyes stuck to their % symbol and the crowd as well as queue surrounding % Arabica. % Arabica was about the love for coffee of the owner, design and seeing the world. There is a need for an amazing cup of coffee every day and thus % Arabica was founded and the flagship store is in the city of Kyoto, Japan.

% Arabica 

A buzzer if issued after placing our order.


There is not much interior dining space and interior furnishing was mostly white in color which make the entire place feels cozy with its ambiance.

Barista at work

Since there was no crowd at all, we stopped over for a break and enjoyed our cups of hot beverages with some pastries to warm ourselves up.

Let's have a break

% Arabica took their flaky and buttery pastry fresh daily from The French American Bakery. This piece of sweet and caramelized pastry was moist and addictive. It was sweet with a tad saltiness and a great pairing to our hot cup of beverages.

Kounig Amann

We chose the almond Croissant over the original crossiant. The rough texture surface was crunchy and topped with almond flakes. The buttery fragrant was praiseworthy and likewise, it goes well with our cups of hot beverages.

Croissant Almond

While the pals have coffee, I'm enjoying my cup of smooth and silky blend of fresh milk and organic matcha from Kyoto.

Matcha Latte - $8.60

While the place is specializing in coffee, they have quite a good menu offering the different kinds of coffee. Coffee lovers might want to visit this place to check it out. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

% Arabica Singapore Arab Street
56 Arab St, Singapore 199753

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