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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Gone Rouge Brewing [Closed]

A handful of friends have been talking about this neighbourhood pub, a craft beer bar that makes its unique brews. Gone Rouge brewing is located inconspicuously at the back of Le Quest mall.

Gone Rogue Brewing

The dim light fixtures with simple furnishing make it a great spot for those staying nearby the Bukit Batok area to unwind and enjoy a few pints.

Interior of Gone Rouge Brewing

While we are here for some pints, let's cheer! They also have a mix-and-match with Four Taberna that allows you to sample a few beers that Gone Rogue's Brewing has on their tap. I guess I will want to try this out in the next round.

While my friend had the Dunkel, I had the Lychee Lassie, a medium-bodied with moderate carbonation of fruitiness with a refreshing hit of fresh lychee.

Promo - $35 (3 Pints)

No bar trip is completed without a glass of beer and some bar snacks. While the Lemongrass Chicken Wing was not available on that day (my friend was disappointed), we ordered the Miso Fish Fillet. These Crispy beer battered fish filled were glazed with miso and topped with Mayonnaise. 

Miso Fish Fillet - $13.80

Thin Crusted Pizza is always my preference and this Yakitori Chicken is topped with spicy mayo, mozzarella, bbq diced chicken leg, onion and spring onions. 

Yakitori Chicken - $18.50

Cheese Lover will not let this Pizza off if they see this on the menu. A mixture of 4 kinds of cheese, namely parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar and blue cheese. Are you ready for a slice?

4 Cheeses - $24.50

What a unique dish I thought. We were served with 3 slabs of crispy golden brown egg-battered pork chop slathered with their sweet cinnamon-apple sauce that is proudly made in-house. The dish was served with a hearty ratatouille.

Applesauce Glazed Pork Chop - $18.50

Well-executed marinated Roasted Chicken Leg was generously lavished with herbs and served with mixed vegetables coleslaw and homemade chilli sauce. If you love Herbs on Chicken Legs like me, you will like the texture and succulency of the chicken.

Roasted Chicken Leg with Herbs - $19

Let's support local! I don't mind going back again to chill out in the neighbourhood mall like this.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Gone Rouge Brewing
Le Quest Mall, Bukit Batok Street 41, #01-09/10/11  4, Singapore 657991

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