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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Tipsy Panda & O/T Bar

After a long week /months at work, we finally had a chance to meet up and unwind, sinking ourselves into some Happy Hours with Bar Food and some drinks.

O/T Bar
O/T Bar

O/T Bar is part of Tipsy collective and is an office-themed cocktail bar that was inspired by the 1940s Manhattan office vibe and is currently the first cocktail bar in the North.

Interior of O/T Bar
Interior of O/T Bar

For the non-alcoholic drinks, we have mocktails Litchi-Nade. It is made up of lychee juice, lychee syrup, lemon juice and mint leaves. It tastes refreshing.

Litchi Nade
Litchi Nade - $10

The R&R(Rest & Relax) cocktail releases a floral aroma of raisins and roses with a hint of lemongrass. It is a perfect balance of sweetness on floral notes, giving you the energy to get through any worries.

R & R Cocktail
R & R Cocktail

Not a usual sight on the Bar's Menu I thought. I ordered the elevated rendition of the so-called local favourite dish. The White Version of carrot cake is packed with flavour from the XO sauce and topped with garlic crumbs as well as Sakura Ebi. The housemade chilli sauce is tucked at the side, enjoy dabbing some portion of the Carrot Cake onto it.

XO Carrot Cake
XO Carrot Cake - $14 

I'm in love with Beef Cubes therefore I was quite excited upon seeing this on the menu. This is a Tipsy's signature dish, noted for its juiciness and bite-sized beef cubes served with a dipping side of black pepper sauce. It was delectable and scorched to perfection. 

Wagyu Beef Cubes
Wagyu Beef Cubes - $22

The slices of fried garlic elevated the taste and the use of spring onions had to liven up the presentation. 

Into Dipping Sauce
Into Dipping Sauce 

While having the bar bites with any 2 at $22, we had the crispy Calamari and Lady Wu Warrior Spicy Wings.

It's not my usual Calamari as this breaded squid was deep-fried to golden brown perfection and served with a truffle-infused mayonnaise sauce as a side.

Crispy Calamari
Crispy Calamari 

Prefer to have the spiciness segregated from the crispy wings and thus we asked for the sauce to be placed in a saucer. The wings alone was delicious and had soft crispiness on the outside. You can amp up the taste by dipping them in the spicy chilli.

Lady Wu Warrior Spicy Wings
Lady Wu Warrior Spicy Wings

Gentle notes of dried fruits, floral and aromatic sensation on the palate. The interesting part of the drink that it was served with an air bubble before it burst and I thought it was quite special.

Figgin' Just Drink
Figgin' Just Drink - $24

The Forsty Lager is smooth and easy to drink. 100% premium malt with rich foam. By ordering this, one can drink for a cause. Every purchase of Frosty's Lager, it helps to contribute towards adopting Mr. Frosty’s friends, the African Penguins, at the Singapore Zoo!

Frosty Lager
Frosty Lager - $11

The Thai Quiri is one of O/T Bar's popular cocktails. It has a citrus flavour and was rather special with a little spiciness.

Thai Quiri
Thai Quiri - $20

The place is pretty cool and of good vibes. I will be back again!

Rating: 4 / 5

Tipsy Panda & O/T Bar
Location: Woods Square 6 Woodlands Square #01-01/02 Singapore 737737

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