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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Ishiro Fusion Bowl [Media Invitation]

Ishiro Fusion Bowl at Timbre+ One North is housed in a mobile van but it is actually permanently situated there. There are a few outlets of Ishiro Fusion Bowl in Singapore and I guess this in One-North looks rather cute. 

Ishiro Fusion Bowl

I visited Ishiro during the lunch hours and was amazed by the non-stopping orders going out of the kitchen, be it taking away or dining in. The fast pace of serving was creditable. Besides serving just rice bowls, they have Udon bowls as well as finger bites.


The 5 pieces of Tempura prawns were perfectly deep fried to golden brown with its crispy bread crumbs exterior. Simply love its non-greasiness despite going through the deep frying process. 

Tempura Prawn - $6.90 (5 Pcs)

Enjoy the light and crispiness of these prawns with a dip in the mayonnaise sauce given.

Let's dip the prawn

The Breaded Oysters were served on a plate of 5 too. The exterior crispiness was laudable and likewise, though these items were deeply fried, they are not greasy.

Breaded Oyster - $7.90 (5 Pcs)

Enjoy the crispy bite down from the breaded crust into the juicy plump oyster that is encased within. There is n funny smell and its all good.


A thick slab of breaded fried chicken was cut into pieces with a generous amount of mentaiko sauce slathered on top of it. It was then torched under the flame. The rich creamy sauce was sprinkled with roasted and black sesame seeds to elevate its flavour. Breaded chicken katsu was tender and moist.

Mentaiko Chicken Katsu Bowl - $9.90

The Onsen Egg and tempura crispy bits do their part in making up yummy the bowl of Mentaiko Chicken Katsu Bowl.

Chicken Katsu Slice with Mentaiko

Thinly sliced pieces of cooked beef that are not fatty nor oily and consist of sweet marinade. The caramelised onions added a touch of sweetness to the tender sliced beef. The Suki Ya Beef Bowl is coupled with crispy tempura bites and a wobbly runny egg. 

Suki Ya Beef Bowl - $10.90

The combination of smooth and rough texture from this fusion bowl of food is simply yummy. Not to mention that having the runny egg mixed in the rice tasted good too.

Beef & Rice.

The hearty and filling meal served by Ishiro Fusion Bowl is of quality and hearty which is definitely worth a return trip here.

Thank you Lao Niang Agency & Ishiro Fusion Bowl for the Invitation.

Rating: 4 / 5

Ishiro Fusion Bowl
73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139957

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