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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Rong Guang BBQ [Media Invite] [Closed]

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood started its operations since 1985 and this is now run by the second generation owner Chef Joe Eng Boon Hor, also known as Botak Joe. He had took over the parents business in year 2000. 

I remembered those times when Rong Guang used to be a popular choice for our gathering and meetups in the big compound near Sunset Way as well as in Alexandra Village Hawker Center. As years passed, they are no longer located at the same premises in the West.

Stall of Rong Guang

Nonetheless, Rong Guang's BBQ is still reputable in Singapore Food Context. They have won countless awards for their famous dishes and handmade sauces. Mr Joe also had his appearances on the media platform on television programs, newspapers and magazines.

What We Had

Their all time Signature Dish is none other than BBQ Sambal Stingray. The succulent and yummy Stingray was slathered by a layer of Sambal sauce and topped with some raw onions. 

BBQ Sambal Stingray 烧烤魔鬼鱼 - $16

I enjoyed this dish by squeezing some lime juice over it and dipped them into the Chincalok (Shrimp Paste) sauce.

Addicted to Stingray

Rong Guang's Signature Wings are the spot on! The wings were fried to golden brown perfection, showing the crispiness on its skin yet retaining the juiciness of the meat. The marination had thoroughly permeated and use of tumeric in their wings had elevate the flavours too.

Rong Guang's Signature Wings 荣光招牌鸡翅膀
Rong Guang's Signature Wings 荣光招牌鸡翅膀 - $12

The wings had a good traditional old taste that reminds me of Chicken Wings from our school canteens back then.

Old School Taste Spotted!

Accompanying the dishes, we have Seafood Mee Goreng as carbs instead of white rice. The noodles were packed full of Wok Hei Flavours. The natural sweetness from the eggs in combination with the tangy taste from the tomato had make it appetising. On top of that, the use of chopped spring onions boost the color presentation of the dish.

Seafood Mee Goreng
Seafood Mee Goreng 海鲜马来面 - $7

The Seafood Mee Goreng may on a spicier side. Squeeze some lim juice over and enjoy it.

Want some Mee Goreng?
How about some Mouth Watering Mee Goreng?

Let's have some healthy greens! These scored perfect! The light and natural taste of the greens were empowered by the minced garlic. 

Kai Lan 芥蓝
Kai Lan 芥蓝 - $8

Mr Joe was friendly and welcoming. It's tough not to make a return especially when the food is good. I will be back for other dishes.

Thank you Rong Guang BBQ & Lao Niang Agency for the Invite.

Rong Guang BBQ
 Bedok Market Place, 348 Bedok Rd, #02-26, Singapore 469560

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