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Monday, September 19, 2022

Durian SG Prime [Media Drop]

Craving for durians but dont want to step out of the house? Durian SG Prime offers Durian Delivery to to your doorsteps within 60 minutes.

Durian SG Prime get their supply of durian from Pahang, securing and getting large quantities of them to Singapore. 

Famous Tiger Mountain Durians

Unlike other Durian Vendors, Durian SG Prime's business model cuts out the use of middlemen thus their pricing will be more competitive. They priced their durian by weight with a minimum purchase of 800g excluding the husk. 

Our Fruits

Upon receiving order confirmation, they will immediately de-husked so as to keep the durian in its optimal freshness. There then these durians are packed on the hour and delivered.

Delivered Fresh

Besides Durians, there are other fruits that you can order online too like oranges, watermelon, longans, mangosteens etc, depending on its availability.


The intense fragrance of the Black Gold escapes as soon as we release the seal on the box. The smell from the box of 800g Black Gold was indeed overpowering the air. It kind of telling our senses that we should have them in our stomach ASAP.

Black Gold Mao Shan Wang 

I was impressed by the freshness of the durian. Furthermore, the texture was smooth and creamy. The rich and luscious flesh was addictive. 

Look at the texture of Black Gold

The seed of the Black Gold is small and totally worth it especially when they are going by weight.


The XO Durians box comprises durians in a lighter yellow colour. The species is a vast difference from the Black Gold. The fragrance was lighter and the texture was not as dense. It is smooth and delicate with a watery side outlook.

XO Durian

For those who prefers the not-so-creamy style of durian may want to have a bite on this. 

Light & Yummy

We were pleased to have an ultimate durian experience like this and without having to step out of the house to enjoy these yummy fruits at our convenience.

The quality of durians served by Durian SG Prime is reliable and they took pride in what they are delivering to the customer. Customers are also cover with guaranteed exchange for any durians that does not meet their expectation.

They are open Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 1AM mid-night. Even if you have durian cravings late at night, there are there for you. If you prefer to dine at their shop, you may head down too. You are also  recommended to book an order in advance. 

Thank you Durian SG Prime for sending the fruits over.

Durian SG Prime
456 Geylang Road Singapore 389415

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