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Friday, August 5, 2022

Xiang Taiwanese Desserts and Food 饗好吃

We have been passing by the stretch of shophouses in Upper Thomson Road but have never realise there is a shop serving Taiwanese Cuisine. I came to know about this while I was searching for Taiwanese Food online. With its high score in Google Reviews, I guess its time to give them a try.

While I trying to figure out the shop name, I think when translated from Taiwanese (Hokkien) it sounds like "Xiong Ho Jiak" which literally means “Nice to Eat".

Shop Front of Xiang Taiwanese Desserts and Food

The Interior was spacious and while the usual Taiwanese Cafe will feature places in Taiwan, Xiang Taiwanese had some B & W art illustrated on the side of the walls.

The Interior


Though it's not a big bowl, this minced braised pork was served with thick traditional aromatic noodles with shallot oil.  The dish is accompanied by a braised egg as well as pickled cucumbers. This dish is a recommended item on the menu. 

Braised Pork Noodles 葱香卤肉面 - $7.90

When it comes to Taiwanese Cafe, Mee Sua can never be missed. The Mee Sua is imported from Taiwan and cooked in a bonito broth.  It has a combination of their braised pig's intestine as well as crispy chicken.

Combo Mee Sua 综合面线 - $8.90

The Drunken Chicken Flavours were well garnished with wolfberries and chopped spring onions. Meat is tender and with a good amount of wine taste but if there is more Chinese wine flavour, it would be better for our tastebuds.

Drunken Chicken Roll 花雕醉鸡 - $8.90

The oyster sauce intestine dish was accompanied by some pickled cabbages which made the side dish appetizing. The braised intestine was well handled and tender without any gamy taste.

Oyster Sauce Intestine 蠔汁大肠 - $9.90

The Red Tea with Pearl was something ordinary however if you are ordering the Grass Jelly Milk Tea, the milk taste is on the lighter side and contains a special fragrance in it.

Red Tea with Pearl and Grass Jelly Milk Tea 珍珠红茶,仙草奶茶 - $3.50 each

The Signature dessert wrapped up the meal in Xiang Taiwanese. The bowl of dessert is made up of traditional grass jelly and beancurd topped with crunchy roasted peanuts, assorted beans, black pearls, sticky cakes, sweet potatoes balls, caramel yam and sweet potatoes.

Xiang's Signature Dessert 饗好吃招牌 - $4.90

While having it served chilled, it was a total refreshment in hot weather like this!

Ingredients in a spoon

Experience overall was pleasant, and I do not mind making another trip down for Taiwanese Cuisine.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Xiang Taiwanese Desserts and Food 饗好吃 
 224 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574356

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