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Monday, October 19, 2015

A-Poh Kitchen

If you have been to West Co'z Cafe, then A-Poh Kitchen's dishes should not be very different from the menu as they are all under the same group, p2e (places to eat). These establishments offers simple, yet distinctive Singapore's fare by award winning chef, Chef Cheong.

Dining in a group of 5, we had ordered their set menu for 5 pax including bowls of rice at $88 nett. Drinks will be charged separately.

Sweet & Sour Soup was quick to serve after our order. This combination was good for a start and kind of "open up the stomach" to more food - a very welcoming dish indeed.

Sour & Spicy Soup
Mongolia Chicken was a surprise to me. Having tasted such dish before, when compared, I would said the style is pretty different, so as the taste. Just like the sweet sour pork, the chicken were deep fried before mixing with its respective sauce. Some of the meat were tough but they were still not too bad as an overall.

Mongolia Chicken
Kang Kong Stirred Fried with garlic was not too bad either. Vegetables remain crunchy and without having garlic overpowering its taste.

Kang Kong
Cereals covered most of the dish and was fragrant. However the style was not to my preference. I prefer fresh prawns with shells.

Oats Prawn
The prawns were translucent and could not taste the freshness as well as sweetness in them. I would prefer to handle prawns in their shells than having frozen prawns.

Assam was appetizing but was served as the last dish. Fish was fresh and came in mixed vegetables like lady fingers, long beans, chilli, onions and others. With Assam gravy pairing with bowls of white rice, the sauce was good alone without the dish.

Assam Seabass
A-Poh is great place for Cze Char if you want to find an air-conditioned place, moreover the place is Halal Certified. Therefore you have Muslim Pals in a group, this will be an excellent choice for Cze Char.  Service and GST charge are not required too.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

A-Poh Kitchen
Location: Blk 354, Clementi Avenue 2 #01-223 Singapore 120354

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