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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Kim Eng Chicken Rice

Curious about the high google rating, we decided to have chicken rice for our lunch despite the recent news about shortage of chickens. Kim Eng Chicken Rice serves traditional Taste of Hainanese Chicken Rice and is located in NEWest. 

We order 2 sets of set B with 1 set have Chicken liver added at $1. Set B comes with the usual Chicken Rice with Soup and additional Kai Lan with a braised egg.

2 Sets of Chicken Rice Set B - $6

Rice was fragrant and pretty ordinary. Soup was nice to drink too. The plate of chicken rice was served with some cucumber slices as well as a piece of slice tomato.

Chicken Rice with Soup

Blanched Kai Lan was topped with fried shallot and drenched with some soy sauce. It was crunchy in with vibrant leafy green.

Kai Lan & Braised Egg

Chicken was juicy, smooth and tender with its light soy sauce.

Hainanese Chicken 

To avoid lunch crowd, it will be better to be there earlier.

Rating: 3 / 5

Kim Eng Chicken Rice
 NEWest, 1 West Coast Drive, #01-72  Singapore 128020

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