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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Breakfast Hola 早餐好了

Our breakfast has gone Taiwanese again! Breakfast Hola is located next to the popular tourist spot, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Next to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

There was already a queue lining up when we reached.

Facade of Breakfast Hola

Customers were seated on the sides of the wall and space was rather limited. Furnishings were simple without too much elaboration on the Taiwanese culture. 


On the Wall

Besides the menu on the table, there is an enlarged version hanging on the wall next to the payment counter.


While their noodles and rice items are only available after 10am, we took the chance to order the Taiwanese Staple Braised Pork Rice. The braised taste was decent with the use of ground pork instead and the fluffy rice coupled with some slices of cucumber. However, while we were expecting the norm with braised egg served, we were given a fried egg instead. 

Authentic Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice 古早味肉燥饭 - $6.80 (Big)

Going into our 2nd dish, the noodles come with a choice of Black Pepper or Mushroom sauce and we had added grill pork for another $2. The noodle was a disappointment to us and tasted like overcooked spaghetti tossed with some light button mushroom sauce and topped a with fried egg.

Taiwanese Mushroom Sauce Teppanyaki 蘑菇酱铁板面 - $5.80 + $2

While we were thinking along the line of some Teppanyaki meat, we were wrong. The grilled pork was charred, tender and decent.

Additional Grilled Pork 烧肉 - $2

The beverages accompanying our breakfast order were:

(1) Good Morning Coffee 早安咖啡 - $2.50 (Hot)
(2) Good Morning Milk Tea 早安奶茶 - $2.50 (Hot) & $2.80 (Cold)
(3) Black Tea Milk 红茶牛奶 - $4.80 (Cold)

Comparing Good Morning Milk Tea and Black Tea Milk, the former has a stronger tea taste and is also my preferred choice.


The Taiwanese handmade egg crepe roll is perhaps one of the popular orders in Breakfast Hola. The Pork Floss Crepe Roll is listed as a recommended item on their menu. One can opt for whole wheat crepe for an additional dollar. The crepe was soft and chewy encased with pork floss but I still feel that it will be better if there is a more eggy flavour. 

Handmade Egg Crepe Roll (Pork Floss) 手工蛋饼(肉松)- $5.90

We ordered their ham version too. The soft and chewy crepe texture was similar.

Handmade Egg Crepe Roll (Ham) 手工蛋饼 (火腿) - $5.90

Overall, I find that their Crepe was decent only.

Ham in Taiwanese Crepe

While browsing through the recommended Toast section, we took the first option on the list. I was pretty disappointed as I thought my toast would have real strawberries.

Strawberry & Egg 草莓蛋 - $4.80

The toast was the simplest version of all, 2 thick slices of toast with sweet strawberry jam spread coupled with some fried egg and lettuce. Perhaps it was me that had expected too much. 

A peep into Strawberry & Egg Toast

Their toast was simple preparation and it will be better if they can be cut into halves for sharing.

Bacon Egg & Peanut Butter 培跟蛋花生土司 - $5.80

Ingredients include the spread of peanut butter, bacon, egg, cucumber slices and lettuce.

A look into the Bacon Egg & Peanut Butter Toast

The last dish of the breakfast serving was the most presentable and delicious toast we had. It was served in triangular stacks with lettuce, egg, ham, tomato, peanut button spread and bacon.

Bacon & Peanut Butter Club 培跟花生总汇 - $7.90

Compared to the last Taiwanese breakfast we had in Cuppage, I will give my vote to that. Though the service is friendly, it's sad to say that the food here does not remind me of breakfast in Taiwan. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Breakfast Hola 早餐好了 
Location: 280 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058829

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