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Monday, July 25, 2022

Pong Cheer Cheer Thai Food

When it comes to Thai Food, we will automatically think of Pineapple fried rice, Phad Thai for example. Nestled in the Industrial Area in Defu Lane. Upon seeing their business name "Pong Cheer Cheer", it kind of sounded like a quirky name to me even though I have no idea the meaning behind it.

Stall of Pong Cheer Cheer Thai Food
Stall of Pong Cheer Cheer Thai Food

Besides the speciality of serving Thai Kway Chap and their braised Pork Trotter rice, they are also selling Thai Style Minced Chicken Rice as well as Thai Style Lap Cheong Rice. For sides, you get to see Thai Fish Cakes, Pandan Chicken and Thai Style Chicken Feet Salad etc.

What's on the menu?
What's on the menu?

As a braised food lover, I was kind of impressed by the 4 sections of braised items at their stall. 

Braising in Progress

Unlike the Singaporean Style Kway Chap, The Thai Kway Chap had the ingredients all mixed within the same bowl as the Kway.

Thai Style Kway Chap - $4.50

The Thai Kway Chap has a light herby taste and contains a medley of braised pork meat, fried beancurd skin, pig's skin, and braised egg.

Ingredients on Thai Kway Chap

There were a few pieces of Pig Skin in my bowl of Kway Chap. To be honest, I like them.

Pig's Skin

This is utterly the best Thai Style Braised Pork Trotter Rice that I ever have had in Singapore. Those who had tried before will agree that this is simply to die for. At a price of $4.50, this is definitely value for money in terms of quantity as well as quality.

Thai Style Braised Pork Trotter Rice - $4.50

The meat was braised till fork tender and was flavourful with the skin literally melt in your mouth kind. It was a perfect pairing to the plate of white fluffy rice. 

Braised Tender and Soft Pork Trotter

The portion comes with a whole hard-boiled egg and thoroughly braised Tau Pok. They do serve a bowl of radish soup separately.

Braised Items on Plate

If you cannot get enough of this savoury Thai Braised Pork Trotter, you can get them in whole portions at $17 without rice.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Pong Cheer Cheer Thai Food
4 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539185
Nearest Station: Kovan (NE13)

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