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Saturday, June 25, 2022


A recent visit to NEWest had make me realise about the increase number of eateries there and that is part of the reason why we were back here again. We decided to settle for Birdfolks for some America inspired-fried chicken with a twist of Asian.


The interior was nicely decorated which provides a comfortable environment.

Interior at Birdfolks

One part of the wall was decorated nicely with a romantic feel. 


The chicken thigh was flavourful with the use of oriental black pepper sauce and for the main plates like this, 2 sides can be chosen. The thigh was charred and succulent and while the 2 sides, corn and twisted fries were pretty ordinary. 

Black Pepper Chicken Chop
Black Pepper Chicken Chop - $14.50

While we have the popular Fried Chicken Bowl under their Rice Bowl and Salad Menu, we are allowed to choose 1 base which I have chosen garlic butter rice over sushi rice and mesclun salad. If you are choosing Mesclun salad, an additional $2 is needed.

The bowl comes with a few pieces of signature fried chicken, onsen egg, greens, corn, pickles and tobiko. Pairing these ingredients with the garlic rice, the meal was stomach filling.

Fried Chicken Bowl
Fried Chicken Bowl - $11

Overall, both the black pepper and the fried chicken were not too bad. A returning trip for other items in the menu can be done too. 

Rating: 3 / 5 

NEWest, 1 West Coast Dr, #01-75  Singapore 128020

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