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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tocha Bistro | Alfresco Dining, Bar & Grill

My first visit to Tocha Bistro had left me a good impression not only for the service rendered but also the ambience that is perfect for an evening chillax. Location is just a short walk away from Lavender and Bugis MRT station.

Tocha Bistro
Tocha Bistro

Tocha Bistro is located in Hotel Boss and by the side of the canal, offering an impressive array of food choices at good pricing.

Chilling by the canal
Chilling by the canal

If you prefer the indoor seating, their modernly furnished interior is welcoming too.

Tocha Internal Seating
Tocha Internal Seating

The menu was extensive and I was surprised by the variety of food they offered as they have over more than 60 items on the menu. While we had decided to focus on beers on that evening, we skipped the main dishes and started ordering bar bites. 


Starting off the bites with 2 bowls of Beef Cube at 200g each recommended by one of the regulars here in the group. These cubes do smell good with the use of garlic slices. They were juicy and the biting texture was absolutely chewy. 

Beef Cubes (200g) 牛肉粒方块
Beef Cubes (200g) 牛肉粒方块 - $15.80

The 3 scallops were yummy and also one of my favourites order for the evening. They were baked with 3 types of cheese and mayonnaise. 

Baked Scallops 烤扇贝
Baked Scallops 烤扇贝- $12.80 (3 pcs)

The slightly charred edges of the cheese on the scallop shell added on a crisp texture to the soft pulling cheese. 

Scallop and its charred edge
Scallop and its charred edge

This deep-fried pork belly was served in a box with faux newspaper. The meat was not too dry and you can even hear the crackling sound from the crispy skin as we sink out teeth down into these scrumptious belly. Pairing these with their house-made sambal Belachan was a total joy especially washing them down with some beer.

Deep-Fried Pork Belly 香炸五花肉
Deep-Fried Pork Belly 香炸五花肉 - $13.80

With all the bar bites and snacks ordered, we paired them together with the glasses of Erdinger.

Erdinger Dunkel
Dunkel - $10++ Each

Having continuous conversations, we just could not stop munching on the bites. We had these quesadilla paired with guacamole. These quesadillas too were served on a stone plate warm which makes me comfortable under the cooling air of the air conditioning environment. 

Quesadilla - $13.80

With the melting cheese sandwiched in between the tortilla wrap, it is rather stomach filling. 


The Smoked Duck Rolls were cut into 6 uniform pieces, each tortilla wrapped with smoked duck, pork bacon, tomatoes and greens.

Smoked Duck Roll
Smoked Duck Roll - $6.80

These portobello mushrooms were served on a rock. They were baked with cheese and sea salt. The fluffy light mushroom cradling the cheese was just too tempting.

Portobello Mushrooms
Portobello Mushrooms - $10.80

After drinking glasses of the beer, we were introduced to this Bourbon coke drink.

Bourbon Coke
Bourbon Coke - $10++ (Promo 1 for 1)

Overall, I like this place pretty much. If there are chances for gathering and chilling out again. I do not mind returning back here. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Tocha Bistro | Alfresco Dining, Bar & Grill
Hotel Boss, 500 Jln Sultan, #01-20  Singapore 199020
Nearest Station: Lavender

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