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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Ayam Penyet President

Craving for some good Ayam Penyet and luckily there is this popular chained restaurant selling Indonesian Cuisine. They are known for their succulent and well marinated famous Ayam Penyet served with addictive spicy chilli that will give you a gastronomic experience.

Ayam Penyet President

The default item that patrons will order, Smashed Fried Chicken aka Ayam Penyet. Their Signature smashed fried chicken cannot go wrong for their business name has been giving this name a big weightage. Chicken was crispy and served with fried crispy crumbs too. Fragrant and best of all, tender on the inside. It is served with Tofu, Tempeh, and their signature chilli paste.

Ayam Penyet - $6.90

The Grilled Chicken which is also known as Ayam Bakar was grilled to perfection. The sweet tasting layer coated their Signature grilled chicken was served with grilled tofu, tempeh, slice of cucumber and tomato. The tender chicken was already good alone by itself. It comes with cut chili in black sauce, however if you like to have additional firey kick for the meal, dabbed them into their Belacan Chilli.

Grilled Chicken - $6.90

The Grilled Beef is also known as Empal Bakar. The portion of meat was grilled and marinated with spices that gave a hint of sweetness. The meat was quite tough for me. This dish is served with grilled tofu, beancake and black sauce.

Grilled Beef - $8.90

The chicken did not include rice. You can pair them with either the pure white rice at $1 or this Yellow Fragrant rice. The portion of the rice is big and the strong tumeric fragrance can be smelled from a distance. The plate of rice is served with shredded eggs, sliced beancake dish and cucumber. 

Yellow Fragrant Rice - $2.20

For those who need soup, it is free flow and self-service over at the counter near the kitchen. Those it was tasty, they tasted quite peppery.

Soup Self Service

The Indonesian Salad aka Gado-gado that I always cand go without if they have such an item on the menu. The dish consist of rick cake served with crackers and steamed vegetables with peanut sauce as dressing.

Gado-gado - $6.50

There is so many favourite items and one of them is none other than their Tahu Telor. Its Indonesian style beancurd omelette is garnished with beansprouts, sliced carrot and sliced cucumber. These items are served with rich peanut sauce

Tahu Telor - $6.50

Avocado Juice has always been my favourite choice in an Indonesian eating place. They are known for its high level of fats in which 60% are monosaturated fats and these are beneficial to lowering blood pressure and protect against heart disease. 

Avocado Juice - $4.90

Cravings for a good Ayam Penyet meal were satisfied by our trip to JCube.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ayam Penyet President
Location: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #01-05 Singapore 609731

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