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Friday, May 13, 2022

Koung's Wan Tan Mee

Koung's Wan Tan Mee is one of the recommended WTM to go to in Singapore. It has been around for more than 60 years. In the earlier days, they are located in Geylang Lor 12 for 36 years and due to the increase in the rental price, they have shifted to Geylang Lor 13 for another 12 years before they shifted to the current location.

Stall of Koung's Wan Tan Mee

Although there is not much physical queue in front of the stall, we observed that all customers were already seated at the table, waiting for their number to be called to receive their order. It took us about half an hour before we can collect it.

Our Queue Number

The egg noodles were good and the texture was different from our "Mee Kia". It was springy and the firmness was still there despite leaving it there to take multiple pics of the entire meal. The noodle when tossed in their delicious sauce looked glistering and appetizing. The chilli was homemade by Mr Koung's and paired perfectly well with the noodles.

Wanton Noodle Dry - $5

With the making of the chilli, Mr Koung took a long time to research and perfect his chilli taste. The blend of sweet-spicy taste is rather unique to its own. On top of that, adding the handful of lards gave some cracklings bites together with Choy Sum greens and the noodles.

Wanton Noodle Dry 

The Charcoal Roasted Char Siew is made in house and marinated with 5 ingredients. Though the use of Gas Fire is more convenient, Mr Koung believed that Char Siew must be Roasted with Charcoal to get the consistent and acquired taste. He added that he has been using this method for 50-60 years.

Charcoal Roasted Char Siew

The wanton soup tasted good and these wanton were swimming in the soup while being served to us. The size was average and wantons were pretty decent with smooth skin encasing some minced meat.


The dumpling soup was great and these dumplings packed a good punch of meat and prawns taste.

Dumping - $0.60 Per piece

With Prawns

Although I had tasted their Wanton Mee in JEM, I still prefer this original outlet in Sims Avenue even there is no air-conditioned environment. Having said this, Mall is still easier to access as compared to here.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Koung's Wan Tan Mee
 205 Sims Ave, Singapore 387506


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