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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Old Airport Road Western Barbeque [Closed]

If you have been to Old Airport Road Hawker Center in the search for food, I bet that you sure have heard the few recommended stalls and one of them is none other than the western food stall. The Hainanese Western Food has been established in 1974 by Uncle Wiliam Lim. With the sibling team manning the branch and continuing their father legacy, I'm glad that we do not have to travel all the way to old airport road to enjoy their western food.

Stall of Old Airport Road Western Barbeque at Jurong East
Stall of Old Airport Road Western Barbeque at Jurong East

An illustrated menu gives patrons an idea of what to order and some items on the menu allow customers to get a choice of either garlic or brown sauce.

What would you like to have?
What would you like to have?

Like many other places, we are making use of the buzzer to collect the food when its ready over at the counter.


If you have tried the Old Airport Western BBQ or even heard of it, you are no stranger to what the stall is popular with ~ Original creator of the garlic sauce as what their signboard suggests. 

We ordered the well-marinated chicken chop and the plate comes with crinkle-cut french fries, a serving of coleslaw and packaged bread. The slab of chicken was well marinated and generously drench with their popular garlic sauce. No doubt that it was garlicky with chopped garlic bits visibly seen, I find that the sauce has well balanced out with some sweetness, bringing out the savouriness. 

Chicken Chop
Chicken Chop - $7

While I'm expecting breaded chicken from their cutlet, the chicken cutlet looks mostly similar to what we have for the chicken chop just that the cutlet was darker in colour with more charred edges. Nevertheless, the chicken still remains succulent. Another item that is worth mentioning is none other than the old-school butter bread that was in the packaging. It has a nostalgic taste with a layer of vanilla cream sandwich in the middle.

Chicken Cutlet
Chicken Cutlet - $7

The garlic sauce is either a love or hate affair, if you are no fan of garlic, you may want to opt for brown sauce or even choose other dishes without the use of garlic sauce. As for those who are mad for garlic, this creation may suit your style.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Old Airport Road Western Barbeque
 Happy Hawkers, 32 Jurong Gateway Road #01-271 Singapore 600132

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