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Friday, March 18, 2022

Nic & Tom Eatery [Closed]

Prior to setting up Nic & Tom Eatery, this pair of cousins have been helping up at the popular Yong Tau Foo Stall, Bai Nian 百年, owned by their dad/uncle. Despite being young age, Nicholas and Tommy have already experienced the F& B Industry from working for Bai Nian. This duo has innovated dishes and sharing comfort food at an affordable pricing.

Nic & Tom Eatery

Interior boast a mix of industrial theme with modern furnishing. The spacious environment makes us feel comfortable.


The Yuzu Drink was refreshing with plentiful of Yuzu peels. It has a well balance of sour and bitter-sweet taste. 

Yuzu Drink & Ice Milo - $2.80 & $2

The Golden Roll is also known as "Heh Zho" and was served in a saucepan with the sweet sauce separated. Exterior layer was deep fried and crispy with soft tender fillings. 

Golden Roll 炸虾枣 - $5.90

The Fried Fish Fingers was pieces of fried fish fillet served with some nachos cheese by the side. The color was rather pale and did not look inviting. 

F Fish Finger - $6.90

Nonetheless, if you are looking for finger good, this is quite decent.

Fish Finger

The combination of the stir-fried Ee Fu Noodles looks good with fresh prawns, sautéed scallops and shitake mushrooms. The taste h

Ee Fu Noodle 海鲜伊府面 - $9.90

However, we were kind of disappointed as it was a tad dry for our liking.

Close up for Ee Fu Noodles

The Chinese translation of the dish's name gave me a smile. The aroma of the cheese from The Royal Cheese Beehoon greeted us. This recommended Signature dish came with fresh abalones, sweet and bit succulent prawns.

Royal Cheese Beehoon 皇家气死米粉 - $19.90

The cheese broth contains umami flavours and strands of Bee Hoon were soaked in the broth and topped with fried garlic.


It has been quite some time since we have come across the word "Tuck Shop". In fact, this small little bowl of pearl rice is what people have been raving for. The bowl of rice was packed with aromatic pearl rice drenched with some braised sauce, coupled with some crispy fried pork and topped with a sunny side up egg. It's not that you can order many bowls as each dine-in customer is limited to 1 order only.

Tuck Shop Rice 食堂饭 - $1.90

I was caught by surprised that the Creme Brulee was served in the chinese bowl. The rich custard was topped with a layer of torched caramelized sugar.

Creme Brulee 小布雷 - $3.90

There are a good variety of dishes in the menu and the good thing is that there is no service charge and GST required. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Nic & Tom Eatery
Location: 55 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555951
Nearest Station: Lorong Chuan (CC14)

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