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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

STR TAO Taiwan Cuisine

The craving for Taiwanese Food just never stop and I'm quite surprised that the stall is set up among the industrial area not only that, the menu they offer were quite extensive, from ramen to the staples food in Taiwanese Cuisine like Braised Pork Rice, popcorn chicken, fried sweet potato etc.

Stall of STR TAO Taiwan Cuisine

I was thrown with surprised as I flipped through the pages of the menu they had and also looked into their menu boards. It was an impressive array of Taiwanese Food. With the consistent pinging orders from the food delivery machines, it made my heart skip a bit as I was quite pressurized to decide fast on the spot as I worried that the kitchen might be busy.


I would not say I am a huge fan of Taiwanese Crepe or Pancake but this had got me hooked. The crepe thickness was of the right amount and strike a good balance with cheese, scallion and pork floss. On top of that, a few dollops of nachos cheese were given by its side, dab some onto the pancake and enjoy!

Taiwan Scallion Egg Pan Cake with Cheese and Pork Floss 肉松葱油蛋饼 - $6.80

Close Up On

To begin with, I love sweet potatoes fries and these classic Taiwanese Street Snacks aren't exceptional too. It is also one of the popular items on the menu.

Deep-Fried Sweet Potato with Plum Seasoning 甘梅地瓜- $4.50

The nature sweet tasting potato was coated with a crisp batter that was fried to golden perfection and the plum powder together with salt had made this snack more addictive!

Come have a bite!

The Mee Sua base is formed up by the umami-rich bonito flakes with minced garlic, black vinegar and coriander. The infused chilli oil add spiciness to the bowl and this bowl of oyster Mee Sua just never disappoint.

Taiwan Mee Sua with Oyster 台式蚝仔面线 - $6.80


One of the Taiwanese Must Have will be the Signature Braised Pork Rice. The mixture of braised pork belly, minced meat, braised peanuts and cabbage is decked up by a bed of pearl rice. The bowl was sprinkled with chopped spring onions and tucked with a dollop of chilli too. We added the braised egg 卤蛋 at an additional $0.80.

Personally, I love the herbal infused pork belly chunks that boasted a strong scent of cinnamon and star anise. What's more, they have a good amount of melt in the mouth fats and tender meat.

Signature Braised Pork Rice 台式卤肉饭
Signature Braised Pork Rice 台式卤肉饭 - $6.80

This hidden gem among the industrial estate is definitely worth highlighting especially for those who are craving Taiwanese food. Though the pricing may be steeper compared to other food in the industrial estate, I would say the price paid is worth the taste. The selection is of a good variety and I will be back for others.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

STR TAO Taiwan Cuisine
Location: Enterprise Hub, 48 Toh Guan Rd East, #01-130, Singapore 608586

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