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Friday, February 4, 2022

The Sea Grill

The Sea Grill is established in 2017 and with its locality situated on the coastal park in Singapore, Changi Beach. It is just a stone throw away from the beach shore and perfect to romance your date in an evening enjoying the beautiful sea breezes and listening to the natural sound of waves. 

The dining place is surrounded by glass panels and allow ample natural light to shine in. Not only that, it gives an unobstructed and panoramic view of the sea. If you are a nature lover or one who loves to get close to the sea, this place is excellent to unwind yourself after a hard day of work.

The Sea Grill by Chevel Group

My visit was in the afternoon thus I did not get to enjoy sitting under the stars and watching the sea. It was a hot sunny day and I had to cool down with a bottle of beer.

Asahi Dry - $11

With the hot weather, I thought having a glass of smoothies can cool me too thus I ordered a glass of Lychee Smoothie. However, it was a disappointment, the entire cup tasted bland like plain shaved eyes with only one Syrup Lychee. It's totally not worth the price paid.

Fresh Fruit Smoothies - Lychee - $8

Soup is served with a slice of garlic bread and as a pumpkin soup lover. this roasted pumpkin soup with toasted sunflower seeds is a good choice.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup - $7

The clam chowder tasted good.

Boston Clams Chowder - $8

Ingredients like clams, leek and potatoes are visible.

Clam and Potatoes

Crabmeat Marinara Spaghetti was not too bad. Perhaps it will be better if the sauce turns out to be tangier in flavour balancing out the crustacean smell.  

Crabmeat Marinara Spaghetti
Crabmeat Marinara Spaghetti - $18

Are you hungry?

On the other hand, I will prefer the texture of spaghetti to be firmer.

Mouthful of Pasta

Grilled Chicken Skewer with Pineapple is one of the recommended dishes for meat. The presentation was good with a skewer on the plate coupled with 2 dollops of potatoes with a crispy crust.

Grilled Chicken Skewer with Pineapple - $19.90

While their menu stated Pineapple with a grilled chicken skewer, there is only one small rectangle chunk pineapple in the skewer. Nevertheless, the chicken skewers were welled grilled with onions, green and red peppers. Pour the black pepper sauce over the chicken skewer to enjoy the grilled food.

Different Angle of Grilled Chicken Skewer with Pineapple

The ambience and location of the restaurant maybe are reasons for my returning visit but on second thought, I would prefer my trip to be worth with food above average to make my distance travel convincing.

Rating: 3 / 5

The Sea Grill
Changi Beach Park, 260 Nicoll Dr, Singapore 498991

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