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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Fried Kuay Teaw Mee 炒粿條面

I was filled with joy when we were heading towards Seah Im Food Centre as this is the only Hawker Centre that has been at the back of my head all these years which I never had the chance to visit after so many years since my childhood days.

I did an eleventh-hour search for the recommended food of Seah Im Food Centre and was flabbergasted by the amount of food that we can explore here. It seems like a single trip will not cover all the food.

With time rushing, we scouted those stalls without too long a queue and quickly decided on the dishes.

Fried Kuay Teaw Mee Stall

A pretty decent plate of Fried KwayTeow Mee and this is the only dish that has more than 500 Kcal in its menu. It was sufficiently tasty with a tad of Wok Hei taste and sweet taste from the egg. Ingredients like Kway Teow, Yellow Noodles, eggs, cockles and beansprouts make up the dish.

Fried Kway Teow Mee

It's definitely not the best CKT I ever had but also not the worst here. 

The mouth of joy

To have a plate of Black Carrot Cake with less than 500 Kcal. This is not your typical plate of Fried Carrot Cake in Black as it was packed full of childhood taste. The carrot cakes were irregularly in sizes not like those we usually had in uniform sizes. Soft and tender with sweetness from the egg and sweet sauce, definitely one of the tenders in the market. If we can skip watching the Calories intake here, I would prefer the dish to be fried with pork lards and that should make this dish perfect.

Chai Tow Kuay - $3

The white carrot cake is decent with charred taste and sweet taste from the eggs. Similarly, the size was irregular and the texture was soft too.

White Carrot Cake - $3

If you are seeking old school taste and with a healthier choice option, I bet this stall should fit you best. They do not use pork lards and use healthier and lesser oil in cooking.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Fried Kuay Teaw Mee
Seah Im Food Centre, 2 Seah Im Rd, #01-26, Singapore 099114
Nearest Station: Harbour Front ( NE1 / CC29 )

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