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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sin Heng Kee 新兴记

We had never expect that Sin Heng kee is so crowded during a Sunday morning. The entire place was swarmed with tables of families (We can see at least 2 generations in a family Nucleus) enjoying their Breakfast. This was my first visit and I don't think that this will be my last too for that I personally feel that this is the best congee that I ever had thus far. It was a challenge during a hot weekend as seats are limited and the waiting time is about 30 minutes time.

Sin Heng Kee
Ah ha! This is the secret tool to the bowls of thick gooey congee served! Hours in the boiling pot at the right consistency and you will achieve them!

Congee Cooker
If you want a bit of everything, it is best to order their Signature Porridge. Meatball, Century Egg, Egg, Intestine, sliced cuttlefish, pig's liver, sliced fish and sliced pork were all included under the bed of hot congee. Ingredients were tendered and well seasoned. On a side note, I can even taste a hint of herb from the Pig's intestine.

Signature Porridge - $5
I love that the porridge is smooth, thick and gooey which you won't get shortchange with them being too watery. Just break the egg yolk and mix it thoroughly.

Mixing the Congee
With us being Century Eggs lovers, how can we missed such a good chance to order a place of it when most of them have it placed on their table? We do love preparing our own century egg with pickled ginger slices and their preparation with additional chilli and garlic had gave us a good idea to pair them. Love that these all went well with the creamy yolk from the century eggs.

Century Egg - $5
 Their You Tiao is sold separately in a bag form and will come together with he order. I guess this is a side that one must order to complete the delicious bowl of congee.

You Tiao
Having congee in its take away form, I'm glad that they practice the use of foam box to contain the food instead of the common microwavable clear plastic containers. The food was still kept warm despite keeping for hours.

 Rating:  4 / 5

Sin Heng Kee
Location: Blk 685 Hougang Street 61 #01-150, Singapore 530685

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