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Tuesday, December 7, 2021


How do we snack in the office among the busy schedule yet keep up a healthy diet? Snacking may be a sin but if you are snacking on Healthy Snacks then it's not.

Healthy Snacks

A nutritional morning or afternoon bite from REVIVE Snacks just kept me energised. Just simple and clean ingredients from these snacks, leave those worries about gaining weight or snacking the wrong way behind. These are not the concerns anymore.  

Energy Booster with Earl Grey Granola

The Bites

REVIVE products aim at fulfilling our nutrition needs and they ensure the best quality before delivering to us. Their products are all-natural, vegan, handmade and free of artificial preservatives, simply 100% Natural. Best of all they are made in Singapore

Nut Butter

Product Range includes Granolas, Overnight Oats and Nut Butters. Here are their 5 types of Granolas in the bags. Earl Grey, Chocolate, Matcha, Maple as well as Honey.

Earl Grey Granola + Macadamia & Puff Rice

I like the packaging as they look so cool in black and the zip locking package makes it easier for me to keep the items fresh. It is convenient and take away the hassle of finding a container to keep them.

Chocolate Granola + Hazelnut & Caco Nib

This Granola goes best with some cut fruits, Yogurt or milk. They can be served in a jar or bowl or best if you prefer to munch them straight right from their packaging. 

Matcha Granola + Cashew & Almond

Isn't it wonderful to have them all natural? 

Maple Granola + Almond & Coconut

The variety of flavours from the Granola is pretty impressive too and who says healthy food are boring food? 

Honey Granola + Pistachio & Puff Rice

Thank you Revive and Clayton for sending these nutritional snacks over. It has been great time snacking on these Granola.

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