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Monday, November 8, 2021

Toa Payoh 93 Soon Kueh 大巴窑93筍粿

Recently we learnt from social media that this stall in Bendemeer Market & Food Centre makes Soon Kueh on the spot and we decided to check the Kuehs out. 

Bendemeer Market & Food Centre

As soon as we reached the Food Centre, I headed to this stall and saw 4 staff in the stall whereby 3 of them were busy preparing ingredients while the other 1 was occupied taking orders from the customers in the queue.

Stall of Toa Payoh 93 Soon Kueh

Forget about the moulded print that we often see on the Png Kueh as there is none here. Nonetheless, these QQ pinkish texture skin of the Png Kueh is definitely worth my trip here.

Png Kueh - $5 (5 Pcs)

I'm not a fan of Png Kueh as there were many times I get to eat those that have dried fillings as well as a thick layer of skin. However, these handmade kuehs that were freshly made on the spot had given me a different perception of it. The fillings were moist and chewy on the go.

Png Kueh Fillings
Png Kueh Fillings

I love the silky texture of the Soon Kueh. Ingredients like shredded turnip, mushrooms and dried shrimps were well encased by the chewy skin.

Soon Kueh
Soon Kueh - $5 (5 Pcs)

All are good but we find that the thick layer of the skin can be improved. 

Ingredients of Soon Kueh
Ingredients of Soon Kueh

The texture of Abacus Seeds is chewy and unlike some places, the Hakka Abacus Seed can be loaded with flour. For the make of Abacus seed, Yam taste is prominent and I would say that they have nailed it. This traditional Hakka dish is fragrant with fried garlic coupled with other ingredients including black fungus as well as preserved vegetables (Mei Cai).

Hakka Abacus Seed
Hakka Abacus Seed - $3

Just take a look at the chewy Abacus Seed with other ingredients. I can't just stop popping these bite-size items into my mouth!

Close up of Hakka Abacus Seed
Close up of Hakka Abacus Seed

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Toa Payoh 93 Soon Kueh 大巴窑93筍粿
 Bendemeer Market & Food Centre, 33, #01-52, Singapore 330069

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