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Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Market Grill

With so many restaurants located along the Telok Ayer Street, the Market Grill may look inconspicuous but once you have entered and grab a dining session there, I believe that the place and food will leave you a good impression.

The Market Grill

The interior was an old styled American diner and traditional butcheries with some industrial elements. Their design consists of a "hole in the wall" section for serving up dishes. 

Interior of Market Grill

The Market Grill also serves dishes with meat cuts ranging from premium to standard cuts and from higher grade meats. I particularly like this mirror decor that indicate the parts of a cow.


On top of their usual menu, you can take a look at the big board in their restaurant for the special menu of the day. 

Well, let's dig into a robust steak, hearty roll and other dishes from their menu.

What's for the Day?

We ordered the Lobster Bisque for the start and it was served with charcoaled croutons and some sea salt by the side of the serving board. The Bisque contains cream, prawns and cognac. 

Lobster Bisque - $18

Look at the succulent meat from the Bisque... Gosh! I'm getting hungry now. 


The Grilled Squid was yummy! The citrus sauce over it was addictive to the point that I can polish the plate clean. This starter dish is served in Salsa, pomelo, pomegranate, fresh herbs, lime vinaigrette and garlic saffron puree.

Grilled Squid - $15

It can be served as a whole or half portion. The Pork Ribs were well Barbecued with Jack Daniel BBQ Sauce evenly and served with some sauerkraut. 

BBQ Duroc Pork Ribs - $35 (Half Portion)

The ribs were evenly coated with the savoury sauce and meat was fork tender. We do not need to put in a lot of strength to separate the ribs for sharing.

Bet you will like this too

The Blackmore Bavette is on the menu of the day. This 200g of meat was served in medium rare doneness with roasted potatoes, pcikcles, olive oil and prunes. The meat tastes flavourful naturally and its juices together with tenderness just burst in the mouth well.

Blackmore Bavette - $68

I should say I come here for this. There are few dishes for the lobsters and I chose to have the Whole Lobster set that comes with Garlic Butter sauce, greens and mashed potatoes. The weight of the lobster is about 500g. Style of preparation can be chosen to be steamed or chargrilled or even Thermidor Style at an additional cost of $5.

These lobsters are flown from Maine and Boston. To maintain their freshness, they are kept alive in the huge tank. The meat is tender, sweet and luscious served in melted cheese. 

Whole Lobster - $62 + $5

Besides having good food and vibes there, their service team is professional, warm and friendly. It left us a good impression overall.

Rating: 4 / 5

The Market Grill
Location: 208 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068642

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