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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Shanghai Noodle. Lor Mee

Walking around Geylang East Market & Food Centre aimlessly and was thinking what to eat in the morning before my appointment starts nearby and I chanced by this Shanghai Noodle Stall. The stall menu is quite localised and nothing much in details about the Shanghai Noodle

Stall of Shanghai Noodle.Lor Mee

The Lor Mee served is simple in its traditional form with pork belly, fried fish fillet, braised egg topped with Chinese celery, minced garlic and chilli. It's quite a decent bowl of flat yellow noodles tagged with reasonable pricing.

Lor Mee - $3 

We ordered the Fried Fish as an additional side order despite that this item is already included in the Lor Mee. 

Fried Fish - $3

The fish meat is just a thin layer sandwiched by the crispy batter.

Fish in its batter

I realised the thin and silky noodles served is the Shanghai Noodle that the signboard is referring. It was something different in my mind as I thought Shanghai Noodle will be thicker in its width.

Pork Chop Noodle - $4

They resemble and have the texture as well as thickness of the Chinese longevity noodles. The execution of the dish was quite straightforward with a stalk of leafy green drenched in its thickened sauce, topped with a slab of Pork Chop on the noodles.

All about Shanghai Noodle here

The meat was tender and thinly coated with a layer of batter just like the fried fish. 


Take a look at the cross-section of this pork chop, the thickness of meat and batter is perfect.

Pork Chop

Overall, the food standard to be is average. However, for the price we are paying in the heartland, I would say that it is tough that we will be offering such economical pricing elsewhere.

Rating: 3 / 5

Shanghai Noodle.Lor Mee
Location: Geylang East Market & Food Centre, 119 Aljunied Ave 2, Singapore 380119 

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