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Thursday, October 28, 2021

White Curry

While passing by the stretch of shop houses, we notice this new eatery at located at the corner. White curry is sharing the same boss as Island Penang Kitchen which is just a few doors apart from one another. 

White Curry
White Curry

Buzzer is issued after payment at the counter.


We order sides like Poh Piah. It was an ordinary side and nothing much special except for its crispy exterior.

Spring Roll 春卷
Spring Roll 春卷 - $1.60

Served with soup base, this side dish is good for sharing between 2 pax. Just as it is, the Hakka Style with minced meat stuffed in between the Yong Tao Fu. Delicious.

Hakka Yong Tao Fu 家乡客家酿豆腐
Hakka Yong Tao Fu 家乡客家酿豆腐 - $1.80

While I was expecting some poached chicken to be in my bowl of noodles, it turned out that it neither shredded nor pieces of poached chicken. It was some chicken cubes with fishcakes, Tau Pok and prawns.

Seafood White Curry Noodle 海鲜白咖喱面
Seafood White Curry Noodle 海鲜白咖喱面 - $5.50

The curry was not too spicy for me and similar to the seafood white curry noodle. The spicy level was still within my tolerance.

Chicken White Curry Noodle 鸡肉白咖喱面
Chicken White Curry Noodle 鸡肉白咖喱面 - $5.50

I'm not a fan of Malaysian White Curry and there is basically no cravings for such cuisine. I still prefer our chinese usual kind of Curry to White Curry. For those who have not tried out white curry, you may want to give a try here. 

Rating: 3 / 5

White Curry 白咖喱
 721 Clementi West Street 2, #01-142, Singapore 120721

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