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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Island Penang

Island Penang which is located at Sago Street next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum had moved into the West. Situated in front of the big openspace car park right beside West Coast Community Centre, its quite convenient for diners who drive too.

Island Penang Kitchen
Orders can be make manually by indicating on the slip of paper or can be made via the helpful assistants around.

Interior was spacious with good walking spaces in between tables. Renovations with foreceiling lights and L-Box had made the place well lited. Adding on to the penang atmosphere will be the articles of buildings and decors from Penang Streets.

What are the staples of Penang Cuisine? The most common dishes that I would order is perhaps their Asam Laksa as well as their Char Kway Teow. Let's check out individual dishes taste.

Our Mains
Prawn Noodle was soup based but did not have any umami taste. Pork, lean meat, prawns and kungkang were thrown in, making up a usual bowl of prawn noodle that you can probably get from the hawkers.

Prawn Noodle - $5
Assam Laksa had rock my socks off. Appetizing with generous chunks of fish meat and smell was potent. Noodle used here was thicker and plum, lavished with shredded lettuce on top of the dish. Spicy level was bearable and Assam gravy was a total addiction which made me enjoy every mouthful of it.

Assam Laksa - $5
Tom Yam Noodle came with a couple of seafood and mushrooms. Taste was a bit bland in my opinion and can be improved by adding more spices.

Tom Yam Noodle - $6
Thin width Kway Teow over the wok were packed of smoky flavours in their dish. It was not too bad either, better than average and not too oily. Amount of chinese sausages were considered generous with spring onions, eggs as well as beansprouts making part of the dish.

Penang Fried Kway Teow - $6
Cuttlefish Kangkung was lacking of the usual taste which I most expected. Nevertheless, amount of kangkung was generously given, likewise for the cuttlefish with handful of chopped peanuts covering up the dish.

Cuttlefish Kangkung - $6

Let's Mix

Last but not least, one of us had ordered a cup of ice Bandung and was pretty satisfied with its taste.

Ice Bundung - $2
With Penang Tourism being so popular among my clicks and friends, Penang Food over here is up in trend. Even though it had moved from Central where crowd is, Island Penang is reputable and had made enough marketing efforts to gain its awareness among consumers, thus the full house seen. With so many offices around the estate, the lunch crowd is always there, also there are outdoors seating too.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Island Penang
721 Clementi West St 2 #01-126 Singapore 120721

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