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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thye Hong Fishball Noodle 太豐鱼圆面

Thye Hong Fishball Noodle is one of the recommended to eat places in Bukit Batok. Although I'm not a fishball noodle lover, I'm trying to appreciate and find out what has kept people coming back and join the queue. This was my second visit and the first visit I felt that their fishball noodle was nothing out of the ordinary.

Thye Hong Fishball Noodle
On this visit, I can finally understand why. Their fishballs are supple and bouncy, with no uniform sizes. Why? If you do not know, these fishballs are all handmade from scratch from Yellowtail Fish. Besides that, Thye Hong Fishball Noodle has a long history with recipe passing down from their father.

Bee Tai Mak Dry - $3.50

Mee Pok Dry - $3.50
Beside selling the noodles, if you like their hand made fish cakes, you can also order separately as an additional topping to your meal.

Rating: 3 / 5

Thye Hong Fishball Noodle 太豐鱼圆面
Location: 233 Bukit Batok East Avenue 5 #01-53 Singapore 650233

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