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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Zheng Xing Desserts

If you have heard of the famous Albert Centre Tau Suan, they have opened another outlet in Beauty World Hawker Center. Zheng Xing Desserts has a limited menu with 4 items only and there are no cold items. has simply tell us how specialized they are. 

Stall of Zheng Xing Desserts

This is my comforting food, my childhood favourite and nowadays we cant really find the nice ones in the dessert stalls.

Bubur Terigu 大麦 - $1.80

Bubur Terigu has a strong scent of pandan and has a good consistency of its thickness.


Likewise for Pulut Hitam which is also one of my favourite desserts, they have a sweet  and strong scent of pandan. 

Pulut Hitam 黑糯米 - $1.80

I don't buy Green Bean soup as most of the time I had them from home cooked but when it comes to Zheng Xing Desserts, I had made an exception as they are popular for the bowl of Green Bean & Sago. Its not the usual beans with water but a bowl of  sweet smelling green bean with sago and coconut milk. Its not cloying and if you love your bowl of green bean soup to be a little starchy, this is your take. It tasted unusual but in a pleasant way, seems that there are some special ingredients used in their recipe.

Green Bean & Sago 绿豆西米露 - $1.80

Finally manage to get hold of a bowl of Tau Suan after a few trips. A childhood's favourite hot dessert of mine especially with the generous amount of "you tiao" provided.

Tau Suan 豆爽 - $1.80

The texture of the Mung Beans were good and had a good consistency without being diluted or starchy. Look at the beans, they are still in shape and not too mushy.
Spoonful of Tau Suan

The crispy fried fritters (aka You Tiao) had complemented the sticky texture of the Tau Suan.

Spoonful of Tau Suan with You Tiao

The desserts are so good and I find that sweetness level is of the right amount. I have made several trips as majority of the items were sold out when I'm there . Therefore, do be there earlier if you can to avoid disappointment

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Zheng Xing Desserts
 Beauty World Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road  #04-58, Singapore 588177
Nearest Station: Beauty World (DT5)

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