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Monday, May 31, 2021

Lor Bak Mama

I came to learn of Lor Bak Mama's homebased business during circuit breaker last year but never have the chance to order them till this P2HA period.  Lor Bak Mama made use of her grandma's recipe to braised the meat for 4 hours using 12 different kind of spices and sauces with no usage of preservatives, MSG, salt or chinese herbs.

The order comes with a personal note (not shown here), thanking us and with a short write up of their business. There is instruction on how to enjoy the meal too. One has to reheat the food for 2 minutes in microwave and resteam the buns. Food is best consumed within 3 hours upon delivery and can keep up to 2 days in the fridge.

Cute Sticker on packaging

Here's my order and oh yeah, I love the packet of coriander they provided.

Our Orders

Portion of food in general is generous. The Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice) smelled pleasant as I lift open the box cover. The braised pork was cooked till its tenderness for 4 hours and the color of the meat was distinctive. The ingredients like braised egg, mushrooms and Tau Kwa was decked up by a portion of rice. Its good for 1-2 pax for sharing.

Lu Rou Fan - $8

Enticed by the size of the chicken leg as I browsed through the menu. I could not resist but ordered the braised chicken leg rice. The bowl comprised of 2 big braised yummy mushrooms, egg and Tau Kwa. The best part is that the chicken was braised till fork tender and falling off from the bone easily.

Chicken Leg Rice - $9

Chap Chye is also one of my favourite dishes. The dish may look simple with a mixture of ingredients like black fungus, bean curb skin, vermicelli, mushrooms and cabbages but its not easy to make such dish as it has a lot of work. The mixture has to be stewed to softness and flavorsome.

Nonya Chap Chye - $5.50

This side dish is good to go with the bowls of braised meat rice. The overall taste is decent, however, I would prefer my Chap Chye to have more gravy. 

This order is limited to Friday and Saturday only.

Spoonful of Chap Chye

Every one who ordered raved about their braised meat. The quality and taste of food is undeniably delicious. The Kong Bah was well braised and not overly fatty. What I love about it was that the fats are gelatinous and melt in the mouth kind. For the left over gravy, I have put to good use on my bowls of white rice. The good part about this is that they are not salty.

Kong Bah Bao - $10 (4 Pieces)

The meat was sandwiched by the fluffy buns. With coriander packed separately, I can add as much to my liking. 

Meat with Fluffy Bun

Not forgetting about their home made chilli, a fiery and tangy taste without being too garlicky. 

I love braised food and Lorbak Mama's traditional used of grandma's recipe suits me. After trying out these food, I can fully understand why Lorbak Mama's order was inundated. The number of comments they have on social media was good testimonial of such great food. There is a high possibility that I will reorder from them again. Orders were fuss free and made via their Instagram. They take preorders only and offer delivery service island wide.  At your convenience, you can do a self collection in Bukit Panjang Area too.

Rating: 4 / 5

Lorbak Mama

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