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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Isshin Machi 一心一町

The Japanese Business Name is abit misleading as I was not sure if they are serving Taiwanese cuisine. Its no surprise that some of the items are similar to Ding Tai Fung's (DTF) menu as one of the chef is previously from DTF.

Isshin Machi Store Front

Interior was sleek and painted white. Furniture was simple wooden tables and chair. You get to see hanging pictures on one side of the wall while the other side is some Taiwanese murals drawn, featuring some places in Taiwan.

Isshin Machi Interior

Their menu was extensive and have pages of Taiwanese food items with variations from Fried Rice to the popular Taiwanese noodles.


Talking about Taiwanese Cuisine, such drinks like Winter Melon and Pearl Milk Tea cannot be listed out from their menu.

Taiwanese Black Sugar Winter Melon 台湾黑糖冬瓜露 - $3.00
Brown Sugar Caramel Pearl Milk Tea 黑糖珍珠焦糖奶茶  - $3.90

The prawn cake is praiseworthy. To be able to mix in so many ingredients and yet the taste was well blended. The skin was fried crispy yet the fillings were not overly oily. Pairing up these Moon Shape Prawn Cake was awesome with the given tangy chilli.

Moon Shape Prawn Cake 月亮虾饼 - $11

I love Braised Meat Rice when it comes to Taiwanese Cuisine. Taste of the Hakka Style rice was acceptable with the mixture of fatty, tender and lean pork belly braised meat decking up by pearl white rice. Its tasty and comes with a braised hard boil egg, preserved vegetables and pickled slices of cucumber.

Hakka Style Braised Meat Rice 客家卤肉饭 - $9.00

Another iconic dish not to miss while having Taiwanese Cuisine is their Braised Beef. The soup was flavorful accompanied by thick chunks of braised beef with vegetables in it.

Taiwanese Braised Beef Soup 葱烧牛肉汤 - $9.90

The presentation of fried rice with specially marinated pork chop reminds me of Ding Tai Fung's (DTF) dish and of course we cannot compare the taste of this to the Michelin's award restaurant. The rice is fragrant and decent but my heart still goes with DTF's. 

Fried Rice with Specially Marinated Pork Chop 招牌猪排蛋炒饭 - $12.30

No doubt that the pork chop was very tender and had been specially marinated, its way too tender for me and I still prefer at least a bit of toughness it in.

Pork Chop

This is probably one of the closest you can get for Taiwanese Food if you are residing in the Eastern Part of Singapore since we all cannot travel to Taiwan at the moment due to pandemic.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Isshin Machi 一心一町
Location: 224 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428921

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