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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Beng Hiang 茗香

Beng Hiang, a place that I know that serves authentic Hokkien cuisine. I remembered the time when I had enjoyed their food while they were still located in Amoy Street. After its relocation to Jurong East, though it was located in the west but I never had the chance to step into the restaurant till today.

Beng Hiang

The interior was nostalgic and they had kept the traditions. The floor was covered with flowered red carpets and the settings were nothing but  had given me a full memory of  Chinese restaurants back in the 80s ~ round tables with lazy Suzy in the middle. The semi-modern yet traditional furnishings had kind of bring me back to the days where our relatives would throw their Wedding Ceremony in such places.

Dining Space

Even its restaurant lobby had given us patrons a good Chinese culture before even entering into the dining area.

Restaurant Lobby

A good mix of spiced sausage and fried prawn balls dipping into the given sweet brown sauce. The fillings were plump. It will not go wrong by ordering this signature dish of theirs. The dish was uplifted to its traditional presentation with pickled slices of papaya and preserved cherry by the side of the plate.

Spiced Sausage & Fried Prawn Balls 五香虾枣 - $12

There are 3 types of  Yam Ring in the menu, shrimps, scallops and vegetarian. The server assisted in cutting the ring into smaller portions and the ring was disintegrated. Ingredients were pretty ordinary with button mushrooms, cashew nuts, onions, capsicums, prawn and corn.

Shrimps in Yam Ring 虾仁芋圈 - $20 (Small) 

Not a common dish we had outside but I would say that the braised duck with sea cucumber was generally good. The gravy was good to go with bowls of white rice. Meat was braised into its tenderness and easily fell off from its bone. 

Claypot Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber 海参鸭煲 - $40

This is one of the signature dishes to order from the restaurant. Noodles were well soaked up with its gravy in its consistent form and coupled with lean meat and prawns as ingredients. Gravy was rich and just nice, not overly salty. 

Traditional Hokkien Noodles 传统焖福建面 - $10 (Small)

The Hokkien Food that had left me a good impression before its relocation will be none other than this braised brisket "kong Ba Bao". 

Steamed Bread with Braised Brisket “Kong Ba Bao” 扣肉花包 - $13.80 (5 pcs)

Upon looking at the small pot and hoping for the dish to let its aroma out (it did none), I was totally disappointed. No doubt that the meat was not fatty and looks absolutely healthy, it lacked the aroma punch and tasted rather ordinary. Where did the old taste gone to?

Braised Brisket

Well, I had the braised meat sandwiched between the pau, the meat was tender but still this signature dish does not make justice to authentic Hokkien cuisine that I used to have.

Kong Bak Pau

I find that the servicing staff on the ground was experienced enough to gauge how much food we have to order and even stop us from ordering more. Service rendered was normal, however quality and taste of food should be more of focus to improve on to live up to its authentic Hokkien's cuisine name.

Rating: 3 / 5

Beng Hiang 茗香
Block 135 Jurong Gateway Road #02-337 Singapore 600135
Nearest Station: Jurong East ( NS1 / EW24 / JE5 )

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