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Sunday, May 9, 2021

First Street Teochew Fish Soup 第一街潮州鱼汤

With a pleasant liking for fish soup, its hard to resist whenever I heard there are tasty fish soups around and especially that the media had been raving it recently that I decided to make a trip down to Breadtalk IHQ for the popular First Street Teochew Fish Soup.

Stall of First Street Teochew Fish Soup

At the first taste of the soup, it kind of gave me a familiar taste but I could not remember where I had it.
The taste has hints of fish fragrant but in a lighter way. Slices of ginger can be seen in the soup with strips of preserved vegetables. Beside just fish slices,  the ingredients were rather straight forward with lettuce, spring and fried onions.

Batang (Mackerel) Fish Soup with Mee Sua - $6.80

Fish slices thickness and freshness were acceptable.

Batang (Mackerel )

The soup was clear and similar to what we have from the Batang Fish Soup. The only difference was the type of fish and pairing this with a bowl of rice.

Red Garoupa Fish Soup with Rice - $9.80

The Garoupa Slice is smooth and tasty on its own.

Garoupa Slice

In fact I was rather disappointed as I thought the taste will hit my expectation as they are already so popular just with the flagship stall. I felt its over-rated. Perhaps I have travelled from the west with a higher expectation but considering this fish soup, its pretty ordinary. There are better quality fish soup with better price out there, thus nothing to rave about. On the other hand, I think I will go down to their original stall for a try too.

Rating: 3 / 5

First Street Teochew Fish Soup 第一街潮州鱼汤
Location: BreadTalk IHQ, 30 Tai Seng St,  Singapore 534013

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