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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Chef Wang Fried Rice

It's quite crazy that during this period of time, there are still many Singaporeans braving the queues in hawker center to have a try on popular dishes. Chef Wang is a former chef from Shangri-La Singapore and Din Tai Fung Chef. With just a few days since its opening, this stall has drawn the crowd and went viral in the social media.

The menu was simple with 4 kinds of fried rice, original, pork ribs, shrimps and abalone. Patrons can choose to go with the usual egg fried rice or sambal fried rice.

Stall of Chef Wang Fried Rice at Beo Crescent

Every portion of fried rice was carefully weigh before frying and cooked personally by Chef Wang. Looking at the constant stream of patrons that join the queue and the continuously clanging noises from the wok, Chef Wang must be having a busy day since the opening hours.

The difference between the sambal and original fried rice is $0.50 except for Abalone Fried Rice. However, if you are senior citizen, you are entitled $0.50 off per pack of rice.

Abalone Fried Rice - $10 (Left)
Pork Rib Fried Rice - $6.50 (Right)

Every grain of pearl rice was well coated with egg however it still lack the "Wok Hei" and a good punch of flavour comparing to King of Fried Rice as well as Din Tai Fung. The egg fragrant and flavour is there but it does not last for long after a few mouthfuls.

Spoonful of rice

No doubt that the marinate had permeated the meat well, I'm not very fond of its pepper corns taste that reminds me of Mala from the Chinese Cuisine. The meat is tender, however, comparing the sizes to what their competitor offers, this is rather miserable.

Pork Ribs

If you are going for Ablaone, you will be paying additional 6 bucks more on top of the plain egg fried rice for 4 abalones. Other than that, there is nothing special on top of the fried rice.


What's the verdict? Well, if you don't mind spending more for better taste, I will say don't waste your time joining the queue. If you are looking for cheaper alternative DTF kind of fried rice, King of Fried Rice maybe of a better choice.

Rating: 3 / 5

Chef Wang Fried Rice
 38A Beo Crescent, #01-71 Market, Singapore 169982

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