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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Grill & Bar by KOFUKU

Finally I have got the chance to visit Grill & Bar in the evening. I was there during one Sunday and learned that the they do not offer Western Food during the weekends.

Stall of Grill & Bar

Grill & Bar offers a variety of Western food and chicken wings.


Since there is no dining in allowed in Singapore during this Heightened Alert (HA) period, we have to order our food as take-aways. Each of our set comes with a cup of normal sugar cane drink. 

Our Take-Away Orders

As we opened the Styrofoam boxes, we were surprised by the portion of food provided. Besides the Mains like Fish Fillet and Fries, sides like coleslaw and baked beans were provided. A sunny side egg is included too. Fries were thick cut and the slab of the fish were fried to golden brown with crumbs at the exterior. 

Fish & Chips - $6.90

For Chicken Chop, we get to choose the sauce to pair along with either black pepper or mushroom. The chicken was charred and abit tough, however the taste was decent. A pet peeve was that the sauce had drenched the fries and make it soggy. It would be better to separate out the sauce as it taste abit weird with the sauce mixing with the coleslaw too.

Chicken Chop - $7.90

While the Chicken Chop Rice is a non elaborated version of the Chicken Chop set, it does not comes with fries and baked beans but instead with plain white rice.

Chicken Chop Rice - $6.90

Considering the portion and pricing, I find that its value for money especially when they throw in a cup of sugar cane juice for the stated purchase.

Rating: 3 / 5

Grill & Bar
WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, #02-49/50/51(1st floor), Singapore 65806

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