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Saturday, April 3, 2021


If you love value for money bowls of Chirashi, you can head to Omote at level 3 of Thomson Plaza. Reservation in advance will be advisable if you want to skip the long snaky queue of being "Walk-in" customers. I tried calling in a few times to reserve but there was not much luck several times but luckily after a few tries in weeks, I manage to get myself and my friends a table.


The interior was brightly lit and spacious. With the design of concrete flooring, exposed ceiling, one may not expect that such design is from a Japanese restaurant. This setup somehow did not elaborate the Japanese culture like many Japanese eateries do.


Diner's set

With medium doneness, these slices of pinkish grilled beef steak were chewy and flavourful. It will be great to elevate your dining experience by rolling the fried garlic pieces, spring onions and wasabi between the beef and pop into your mouth. A little disappointment was that we cant fully enjoy the meal with limited garnishings and we were told they were chargeable at $4 if we were to ask for extra.

Char-Grilled Beef Steak - $32

Another dish for sharing will be the Tempura Assortment. Items like tiger prawn, seasonal vegetables were lightly battered and deep-fried.

Tempura Assortment - $21.80

Topping up the set lunch with Premium Set at an additional $8, we enjoyed 7 more items with Chawanmushi, Mentaiyaki Gyoza, salmon sashimi, Japanese salad, hot appetizer, cold appetizer and miso soup.

Besides Chirashi, you can order their rice bowls like Garlic Yakiniku Don. The dish consists of thin garlic slices, onions as well as slices of beef. The bowl by itself is already laudable. It tasted flavourful and with the slices of fried garlic that elevates the entire dish. We won't regret ordering it.

Garlic Yakiniku Don - $18.80

A signature dish and you get a good portion of diced seafood sashimi on the don with Tuna, Salmon, Tako and prawn accompanied by some sweet sauce. The sashimi is quite fresh and with the price given, its should be one of the best deal in town.

Omote Chirashi - $12.80

Unagi Kabayaki Don Top up with the premium set too at an additional $8. Unagi topped the bowl of rice was lavishly sprinkled with its rice seasoning. 

Unagi Kabayaki Don - $21.80

I was flabbergasted by the spoonful of wonder with Yakiniku when I first tried it. It is a mixture of yakiniku fatty beef, sanuki udon and special bonito dashi.  

"Signature" Yakiniku Udon - $17.80

With the extensive menu that Omote offers, it's not of any doubt that we see many diners in their reservation and walk-in queues. The Japanese items are ranging from Chirashi, raw to cook items, rice and noodles which I think such range is suitable for everyone.


Rating: 3.5 / 5

Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Road, #03-24A, Singapore 574408

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